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  • Dude, I'm really sorry to hear about your father. God bless his soul. I'm really sorry. May God give you patience and courage. Stay blessed. Best wishes to you and your folks... Amen!
    hey do u know proper order of farscape season 1 episodes , i just read some where that the order of season 1 is kinda out of order , some thing to do with air date or production date , i have seen 7 episodes so far
    LOL @ your visitor messages. Man your banning was like having a nice cup of Rooh Afza in scorching weather :tv:
    Wow. You are SO VERY mistaken.

    Yes i am the same person who met you infront of SKANS. And if i recall it right, instead of calling other names, i told you k:
    "wo jo karta hay karne do" and "Apna aap sahi rakho bus".

    Please flush these mistaken & negative thoughts from your mind about me because I never said what you are claiming, neither do i roll like that. Respect is very important to me. Be it my enemies or the people i dislike.

    Oh and thanks for confusing me as proud. The way you are saying those lines, obviously make me seem like so. However, there is slight problem. I never said them like that, neither had any intentions of portraying them like that.

    If you felt offense of my earlier replies, i apologize. And i don't want to carry this on further, not as long as you get your views & facts straight.

    P.S. Since this was a private conversation, i have ignored your name callings to another member. Next time, be respectful and follow the rules.
    I am sorry what? When did i ever say any such thing to your face about any other person? Give me some proof that i said that.

    I am not a judgmental person based on their online activity. Had it been the case, i would've named you something for your actions ans behavior. Ever seen me calling names or abuse anyone?

    And i wasn't doing any analysis. I thought a friendly talk will help the situation. Obviously i was mistaken.

    Lastly, i don't need to remind you of my unbiased nature. I don't do anyone any favors.

    Well, thank you for your concern. Be happy in your own Derh eent ki masjid.
    Maybe you were going out of line and thats why you were banned? But it looks like even after 10 days you are still the old angry person who-doesn't-want-to-correct-himself.

    I am not here to preach you anything, merely trying to make a point why you shouldn't do what you are doing.

    If you don't want to learn or control yourself, be my guest. Don't.

    But next time, please don't make a fool out of yourself by looking down upon others. Neither do i ever favor an individual, nor are you special to be treated respectfully (especially when you are completely oblivious of that concept)
    O Shuuuuurrreee.

    Stuff sale karne k liye PG, otherwise fuck PG.

    nice logic friend.

    Actually its not the first time i am hearing this basic form of Namak Abuses will lead to ban.
    I thought you were gonna leave the forums. :p

    Man of Steel ki yaad wapis keench layi? Ya phir dimaag ..... wapis aa gya?
    id like to make an offer on those hd 650s you have, but i live in south korea. can you ship there?
    also, do you accept paypal?
    Salam, how are you ? Just needed to ask you are you also facing lags on HD Channles ? Which PTCL Package are you using 4mb or above and lastly ive read your post where you mentioned potplayer ive downloaded it but it gives very dark and SD type of result anyway you could suggest me what video settings I need to do in its video config page.
    So dude as nobody saw my post, I have a question. I currently own the Bose AE2, although they are flat sounding with little bass. I'm looking for something of a complete package. Sort of clean and good sound quality with a good amount of bass. So If I sell and add some bucks I will have atleast $100 for headphones purchase. How are the V-Modas Crossfade LP's and Creative Aurvana Live? I'm open to more suggestions but keep in mind my budget. I have ASUS Xonar DG as my sound card.
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