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  • Hi,
    I need info regarding steam games e.g CPD MW3,BO4 and PUBG buying..
    Is there any website/guy who sale game keys?
    Also, i went through this site n observed that it offering much less prices than steam,, Is it trusted ...
    i was wrong, they are around 550 euros on ebay..a couple of litings for used are around 300
    Already have an account on Letterboxd. Have had it for a while now. Used to do just that before I started a blog as well.
    Asadullah Khan’s profile • Letterboxd

    Now, I like having my own blog, no matter how simple it is, so writing reviews on it, and then sharing it from there on. :p
    Oh lol just saw that VM. Been so very busy with life + workload has increased so much that it just got missed in the bunch.

    Haha. Thanks.

    I know I'm neither the best candidate for the role, nor a replacement, per se, of you, but I'll try to do my best =)
    Hoping for a quick return from your end. You may have big feet but I don't. ;)

    PG needs gems like you, man.
    Alright, I didn't know. Since no one even argued about this when someone mentioned the signature in Team PG discussion area, I thought it was allowed.

    Anyway, I have removed it. T'was a great sig though. :'(
    its really sad to see you in green. one by one every member of our era is reverting from his post :(
    our time has gone ahmad bhai you are right.
    I have a cellphone which has adreno 330 gpu clocked at 450 mhz in order to play latest games at top notch performance i would like to boost the graphics via overclocking
    If I extract the ISO in another drive, how do I let it upgrade existing Windows. There wouldn't be any windows on the other drive.

    I'm a bit lost :|
    Well I do have UEFI BIOS on my lappy, but I'm willing to burn all previous boats and go with a fresh install and a clean start.

    The laptop came with Windows 8 that got upgraded to 8.1. With that in mind, how do I proceed with a fresh Windows 10 install? Preserving legit windows, of course.

    (And I'm planning to use the internal drive as an external, portable drive with all my media once I've migrated. Will be formatting the drive, though.)
    I'm on legit 8.1 with Windows 10 upgrade waiting. My current drive is apeshit and laggy af, even though it's hardly a year old. Been like that since day 1. Then again, I think SSDs have spoilt me.

    Can't find the windows sticker with the serial number. Any ideas?
    How do I activate on a fresh install?
    I read once that it's possible to clone your windows image or something? on another drive.

    I'm trying to upgrade my laptops hdd with an SSD since the hdd has been limiting a lot of stuff really.

    Is it possible to clone my windows files onto the SSD or whatever? Or, will I have to go for a fresh install? Also, would you suggest a clone or a fresh install?

    (And, I'll be stepping down from 750GB hdd to 250GB SSD).
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