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  • Dear NaNow,

    I want to open a bulk selling account for my self. Kindly contact me on my phone when you get back.

    Did you guys finish the podcast last weekend ? If you guys are still doing it this weekend I am game :)

    Last weekend I had a lot of crunch work so couldn't make time :(
    Draft of Odyssey review is done 42+ hours in, will PM you in a few hours after re-editing and formatting.
    PS i accidentally left the QUOTE tags at the start and end of the thing, they're not meant to be there :p
    lol. I was so excited that i started dreaming of having another pair for my siblings :D Thought for a minute there was a sale only showing in Europe or something.

    Oh well ...
    I wanted to reply on thread but its closed (Regarding future study plan)
    Frankly speaking Pakistan is not a good place for doing PhD. I have spent 18 years studying out of which under-graduate and post graduate are the main degrees I have achieved from Pakistan. We are lacking almost 5-6 years behind what nowadays is happening in AUS,GER,USA etc. Not going far enough our neighbor China is famous for Stem cell research but we are still planning to do it. And after approaching different Prof. from foreign universities, I have seen that our image is not that good.
    Coming back to answer yes I am planning from outside :). But hard work is required especially when you belong to a 3rd tier country.
    Yo .. is something weird happening with PG or is it just me ? Can't seem to post in the shoutbox and when I try to make a new topic it's not letting me do any of the HTML editing functions. Tested in both Chrome and Firefox.
    wajhi, should i make a topic for like a "mini review for Edith Finch" something something like that ?
    I was interested to be registered as premium seller and was reading requirements which seemed to be little confusing to me so I need assistance with rules and process etc. Where can I get guidance? Plus I needed latest current rate sheet and billing info.

    Thanks :)
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