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  • This is a VB issue..all vb forums are experiencing it. A small workaround is : when you quote someone put a full stop (.) and then take the cursor to the left of the full stop and continue normally inside the full stop.
    I really appreciate your concern. I don't think it's possible to get over something like this. At best, I can only carry it with me.
    Thanks again..
    Thank you for your concern. It is, without exaggeration, the worst possible tragedy that could have happened to our family. There were so many things and circumstances in his life that just make his death all the more devastating when you consider them. It's not just that I'm missing his presence. It is far more tragic and unfair than that.
    It still feels like a nightmare..
    Yeah. She took up too much of screen time and felt useless and annoying. They could have removed her from majority of scenes and used them for Superman instead, would have been much better.
    Yeah, alongside prolonged scenes in other situations which either felt disjointed or rushed. I hope there is more superman stuff in it. Not Lois lane stuff, but superman specifically.
    I'm really anxiously waiting for the Bluray. Can't wait to see the extended cut. I'm positive that the extra 30 mins will help the movie's narrative considering there was so much stuff in it.
    Lol. Thanks! Yeah, it took longer than I expected. :p
    I think I'm forgetting something. Have we ever had any sort of interaction on this forum? I don't recall any, but you sound like you know me here. I feel really bad if I'm forgetting something. Help me out here lol. :$

    Thanks again. Appreciate it! ^_^
    IKR!! That trailer should have never happened. I mean look at the third and last trailer they released after that. Doesn't give anything away and just shows you what you want so you can get hyped up. Kinda makes you even more furious why they didn't just released that instead of that spoileriffic POS. Would have been somewhat of a shocker seeing doomsday come out if we didn't knew he would be in it. -_-

    I'm guessing the guy who made that got fired. :p
    Well I try to stay away from the TV spots and other extra stuff. Hell, even trailers these days are full of spoilers (I'm looking at you BvS Trailer 2). :p

    And while I don't know much about Civil War comics, the whole idea is really exciting and I can't wait to see how they do it in the movie. HYPE!!! :D
    Didn't knew they posted it. And yeah, they were teammates and had respect for each other but never full on buddies like say Tony and Banner were. Critics definitely are very pro-marvel in contrast to their stand on DC I would say, or perhaps against Zack Snyder in particular.

    But can't really say much till we watch the movie ourselves now. Really hyped for it to be honest. As much as I was hyped for BvS, I fully knew beforehand it was all basically a gimmick, the fight I mean. That's not the case here though, and that is what makes me even more hyped up. :D
    Hey niggah!

    You used to be pretty active around here but don't see you much anymore.

    What's up man! Where've you been! Drop by more frequently, you should! =)
    Yeah it'll mess ur head up because its more like a real world scenario, you get it? Players and all that stuff. Although you can implement it without oop, it's gonna be a little hard to understand. If it were in oop we could declare a player object that would keep track of the player's scores. Then we would call dice method on every player object simple.

    Anyways if you don't understand what i wrote in pm ask me anytime.
    ok i got some questions. First how many players it is intended for? you haven't implemented the player system yet right?
    While you're at it do tell me if you have oop concepts. It'll be much easier to do it in oop, if not then no problem.
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