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  • How to Release a Stuck Parking Brake (4 Steps) | eHow

    check if it'd be helpful ,

    or call your nearest mechanic to do something
    bro i dont have any thread and i am not dealing through pg because i am not a premium member but i can deal only outside pg means through numbers and some friends which have my number simple
    i watched it like it found it on torrents... the story of season1 is not that great for me... it get better after that when bigger villains get introduced. It won't hurt the story(atleast i didn't feel it did)... if what you say is true then i am sure it won't be too hard to find. you won't miss anything going by the normal order
    Han same here. It seems like I won't be taking in another cat for a year or so at least.

    And I also heard the same thing that if some thing bad is about to happen to a family, its effects go to the animals and pets.

    Anyway I am happy that Bhallu is finally at peace. It must have been a hellish year for Bhallu. Finally he has passed away. I still feel like he is still around though. I am being careful around the places where he slept, so that I won't mistakenly step on his tail :( Lol. Kuch dinon main aadat par jaye gi. But today is the worst day for me. Bhallu has been with me since a year before I joined PG, since 2008. Itnay arsay main bhot ziyada attachment hojaati hay. :(
    He was wounded as he had a fight with a feral cat. We applied antibiotics and gave it to him orally. But he grew very weak because of it. A point reached when he was unable to even walk properly (2-3 days ago) :(
    And last night he died. He only meowed for a second before passing. Its so sad to own pets. All the joys you've had in 5-10 years turn into misery in a day.
    NowVideo - Just watch it now!
    Just click on play and you should get the option to download,if not,refresh and try again after a few mins till you do :)
    use this for other latest eps: Latest Epsiodes
    dude mines -4!

    And no I've never worn contacts... bit too Clockwork Orange for my tastes :p

    Ive talked to a very close eye doctor whos very anti-lasik and told me not to get it done. Im stil undecided.

    Plus age is a BIG deciding factor. Ive heard after 30 youre better off wearing glasses/contacts for the rest of uyour life. Esp if youve for High/Low BP and/or Diabetes.
    yeah thats an unfortunate side effect man. Tho thats nothing compared to the doubts people have sowed in m mind k agar kal kl 20-30 sal k bad kuch problem hua to kya karo gay?

    Tricky thing is this; SOme great and medically acclaimed procedures have just recently started being done in Pakistna like 3-4 years ago. I've met people who've had this done and are living well. I wanted to know people who'd like had it done more than 8 years ago. But THAT tech is obsolete now so.... you dont have a good judgement barometer. And since the procedure involves your eyes therefore I've decided to sit quitely. For now.

    Keep me posted and if you meet any GREAT doctor with a STELLAR record and patients thn do let me know!
    dude read abt that Lasik thread u started... Im also interested in getting it done been asking abt it around since last year... so far no one has had adverse side affects etc but mostly it affects guys in one very important way: Youre not allowed to drive at night for atleast 4-6 months coz oncoming cars esp in our city with High Beam cause massive eye pain and 'stars' to burst in ur eyes... thats why Ive stopped going for it....

    if you go to that place near Jail chowrangi tell me I'll go too I live nearby. :)
    lol I wish I knew. Got it off a gif on a random forum. If you find out, do let me know as well. I'm assuming it's some movie, but can't quite figure out which one. Would watch it for that expression alone :D
    While I'm not sure if it really is her, Omarko is certainly one fine Googler.
    Don't you think he deserves some kind of reward for that.
    I think... I found her.

    Dianna Doll. It turns out, it is her pose in the original picture. Google her up in google images, you will find something similar.
    Hey there.

    I'll get straight to the point.

    I read your reviews in Movies section. As much as i like reading them, i hate the fact that the way you make your post, is rather ... childish.

    It has been said in the thread a couple of times NOT to use a FULL WALLPAPER in your review. Instead, use a Landscape Version, of normal sized. Use proper fonts and Paragraph, which just might help your posts look a bit more ... sensible :)

    I am sure you take this as a constructive criticism and take it into consideration :)

    A small example can be given with THIS picture.

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