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  • Hey can u post me the address of that tailor in shah faisal ?? Once u mentioned he is ur dad's fav tailor. Its urgent
    Nope he is from Islo lolz. But you don't have to easy paisa me. Just send me money via Dubai Islamic Bank free online deposit. I'll send you the game which is in my inventory
    dude those are physical copies that are sold @ 60$...digital copies are for 40$ and in PKR they are given at a 3.5k. i bought my per-ordered copy for similar price too
    Hey, mate if you want BO2 let me know. I have one in stock for 2500. Bought for a friend but he didn't want now.
    lol mujhay bhi feel how tha ... khair cheap deal nahi hai but you can find that diablo tag wali thread most of the ppl just quit playing d3, ask someone you know if he is willing to sell it to you. playing and getting good items is super fun..
    last night me raza faraz ex0dus didn't lost a single game.

    full 4 man scene ghuss k phatto

    rape per rape lol rage quits
    kitna fresh hai tu yaaar.

    games after games 4.30am per end hua Ex0dus me Raza faraz

    wattt lagi hui hai desk per so raha hoon
    And if you go back and read a couple of reviews, I DID post personal criticism on may movies multiple times. (e.g. The last para of The Iceman) Sometimes, its also reflected in the final Score i give. When its not, is because of the film being top-level entertainment. (Star Trek The Darkness)

    Anyway, if you have any specifics in your mind, do enlighten me. I would love to learn a few tricks :)
    Thanks for the vocal confidence. That means a lot :)

    And thanks again for letting me know about Ebert. A journalist as good as him can't be neglected. I'd put him 2nd after Jeremy Clarkson :p Loved his reviews BTW. The fact he fact a almost full 4 start to "Stand-up Guys" earns him my utmost respect :)

    One thing i would like to mention that i fall short of words writing these things, and it may sound weired by i write them for own self. Consider it like a diary. THAT, combined with the fact that i don't like excessive criticism on anything, and i think its obvious from every thing i write, from Movies to Games. Infact, if you read my words on Crysis 3, you'll notice how it ignited some of the 'haters'. And i try to be "fair" in other departments as well.
    You know, you are the 2nd of those people i love reading their views on movies. The first is "shahbakht". God knows how the heck he manages to watch SO MANY movies lol.

    You should definitely start "Rating" your movies if you want to present the "appeal" in every movie.

    Plus, use normal fonts, maybe. Hm? :)

    And i'd really like you to join me, Ahmad498 & shahbakht at Letterboxd. Letterboxd • Your life in film

    My profile there: Ahmad Bilal
    Ahmad498: Ahmad Mohid
    shahbakht: shahbakht
    You planning on buying D2ks? I have a pair I might sell. Interested in buying used cans?
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