Tapatalk is no longer supported!

As we leap into the new dawn of PakGamers, the Rebirth of PakGamers, we have to unfortunately announce that we will no longer be offering Tapatalk support for our community; you guys!

While we understand that many of our users prefer using the forums on Tapatalk, unfortunately the cons out-weigh the pros, by far. It has certainly been one of our toughest decisions, but we hope you guys understand!

  • We have migrated to a completely new platform, with a lot more features, most of which are not directly compatible with Tapatalk
  • Some of you guys who have been using the Beta version of the “new” PakGamers may have noticed that the forums are much faster now. Integrating Tapatalk severely affects forum performance, unfortunately.​
  • Tapatalk is neither reliable, nor trustworthy. A lot of their practices are disguised under a “grey area”. By enabling Tapatalk, we have to give them access to all our data, which means, they get access to all YOUR data – the back bone of PakGamers! We’re not saying they do misuse data, but they can misuse it – it is an element that is not in our control if we integrate Tapatalk. By not enabling Tapatalk we are ensuring that our number one priority is you guys, the community!​
Remember, PakGamers is a public forum for gamers, by gamers. Every member of Team PG, including myself and our co-admin NaNoW – we are both members and part of the community first, and only then admins. Our priority has always been the userbase, and it will always be the userbase. All our decisions are taken keeping the best interest of our community in mind.

One feature that our users have loved about Tapatalk is the mobile-friendly nature of their phone apps. Not to worry! Although the new forums are very mobile friendly, we are working on our very own mobile app (and a host of other things!) that will enable users to navigate and use the website in a much more streamlined way than they were used to on Tapatalk.

We hope that you guys understand our reasons behind this extremely tough decision. All feedback, help, advice and suggestions are always welcome here.

Remember, you guys are what makes this community great!


Jul 19, 2008
Dubai, UAE
Tapatalk feature will be missed i specifically bought the app to use PG as it was bit easier to browse through but i guess we have to rely on the newer platform but i guess PG APP will fill that gap for the mobile user as these days people spend more time over phone than pc / laptop
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Jul 19, 2008
Dubai, UAE
We don't have our own server for that yet.

It is in the works and IA will be up and running soon. We'll be able to upload files directly from the forums to posts.
That would be a great relief even if we can have a mechanism that uploads over 3rd party server but connects automatically to thread but should be a seamless solution that the user still feels he is connected to this forum if thats possible than can work for the users as well that will relief the burden over pg server

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No Compromises!
Jun 16, 2008
Donno i m lost!!
never really liked Tapatalk tbf. its good that its no longer the preferred way to use PG on the go.

although i do hope the new mobile app is released soon. having a new platform wont do much good without proper smartphone support.
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