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  • cool, let me know if thats doable.
    Also if you guys are going to coop play the CoD Warzone mode, i can download that too. Free 2 play afterall :p
    I have my facebook set that besides my friends my profile isn't searchable, is there a group link or something I can use to enter the PG FB chat ?
    how much RAM do you have ? I heard dual channel is supposed to help performance too. I have 2X 8GB RAMs of the same make and model. Also it might be because you have the legit version ,all the Xbox services running in the background.

    I have every single xbox related service disabled on a system level via services.msc and pretty much have a completely bare bones install with absolutely nothing else besides DS4 Windows. I have a separate work/home laptop I use for general browsing downloading etc, my gaming PC is completely barren. I even keep it on airplane mode :p
    1080p/60 easily with a few setting adjustments.I turned off dynamic optimization and tweaking settings manually.

    Motion blur = off, Shadows = medium, AA = 2X w/ FXAA, 8X Anisotropic filtering and the rest are all high. I play in the far chase camera so some of the settings like rare view mirror quality etc don't have any effect. I notice a few drops to mid 50's when there's a bunch of cars in areas with a lot of breakable objects (mostly starts of circuit races in urban areas) but it stablizes to 60 FPS within a few seconds, 99% of the times the games' running at locked 60.
    no no, i mean the recently "released" quote unquote full version of FH3 on PC.

    I think Forza 7 also leaked around the same time, some scene group got their shit together for MS store apps.
    really ? that's weird because I have tried the free FH3 demo from the Windows Store and I was able to get it running smoothly at 60 FPS with a combination of medium/high without any issue.
    PS. If you haven't, watch this. This is what made me decide to get a cheaper Max Q laptop instead of a more expensive full 1060 one.

    GTX 1060 Laptop vs Max-Q vs Desktop! The Best GPU For 1080p60 Notebook Gaming? [Sponsored Content] - YouTube

    DF did a breakdown of 1060 Max Q's a little while ago. In pure performance comparisons, it seems to only be 8~% less than a full phat laptop 1060 and you can even overclock it a teeny bit to make it match 1 : 1 with the full 1060 without worrying about heating issues.
    Yeah. FFXV is by far the 'heaviest' game requirement wise I've played on the laptop so far but even that I am playing at 150% super sampling on standard settings to 1080p with frame rate locked to 45 through Riva Tuner. Works like a charm.

    Plus, it's saving me a shit load of money :p So I won't mind if multi-plat games run not as well as they would on the Pro :p
    It's not by chance, it *is* an Inspiron 7577 :p

    Costco had an AH-MAZING sale in December just after Black Friday. They were selling these for $699. I got one of those $1 Ebay codes for $25 off of Costco orders and shaved some more money off of it. I added a $58 1TB SSHD and $80 8GB RAM to it to bring it to it's maximum for just $780 or so.

    Meanwhile the same laptop with 1TB HDD and 16GB RAM is selling for $999 or more on Dell's official store. I got a fan-fucking-tastic deal.

    The only drawback is that I got the i5 model, the i7 model is + $200. But realistically I don't think I'll have an issue with that for the foreseeable future.
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