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  • i didn't get your message my message memory was full. now i emptied my message memory you can message me now :)
    Well honesty he was green only for a few days. Everyone really knew it was blue waiting to happen :p

    Haha yeah. Credit must be given to Nanow for partially bringing back things. When I left back around this time last year PG was much lower in terms of quality than now. It's still not what it was between the golden 2010-2013 days but it's getting better. I'm positive we'll see a lot of improvement in the upcoming months. :)
    Otto left as Mod, returned as Global Mod. I like the trend. You getting any ideas for yourself? ;)

    Haha. Got Education and Academics, and Jobs and Career right now. Maybe even Hardware, soon. Lets see how much time I have on me. :)
    Went away as PG Xtreme. Returned as Mod. ;)

    Hahah. Actually I got busy during last year now had a little bit of time so thought why not :)
    A family member of mine had a Transcend StoreJet. It was a ruggerized external drive, with a thick rubber coating around the drive. It was too bulky, heavier and not really portable. Performance was satisfactory, though.

    It depends what kind of external Hard drive you are looking for. If you want to carry it around in your pockets, then buy a slimmer drive (not many options here; i.e. a Slimmer drive also having "Safety" features. If you are OK with bulkier drive, then you can find many options.

    It'd be wise to create a thread in respective section, post in detail whatever you require and get a better opinion from masses.
    The Backup Plus is just slimmer and lighter version. Both are USB 3.0. Buy whichever one is cheaper. None of them have any 'safety' features.

    I guess the Backup Plus would be a little expensive because of its 'fancy looks'. Also, its managed by its own software, which i hardly give two sh*ts about. The NTFS module is pre loaded on it for MAC PCs.

    I don't see any difference, otherwise. There is no mention if Backup Plus needs any separate power source to connect (such as a Power Adapter). So confirm before you buy. (Avoid buying drives which need separate power source; for their don't go very well with 'portability'; unless ofcourse you are looking for reliability, security, which will also come at a price of portability. )
    wah. is ka matlab hay is barr bhi aise hi lottery ki talash main ho. they will surely give offers to W8.1 users.
    lol then you can't install your ssd any soon.
    anway i think its time for you to move towards windows 10 i m still struck with 8.1 as you know i have the same problem as i can't install windows for now but you got a opportunity to move towards 10.
    lol yeah you are right. installing OS is a big problem but there are things like GHOST why dont you just make and apply ghost on new ssd ?
    lol yeah you are right its working back now. thanks for trying. and how is your ssd now ? you still haven't got time to install it ?
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    Chandoo Chandoo: We need a pg reunion next time the stars align and we're all in Pakistan at the same time ,