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  • Unable to edit description of my Thread in Computer & Hardware section.

    Please help me out.
    Please mention the exact issue or behavior?
    What is wrong?

    What happens when you click edit?
    Ibbu Bhai
    Ibbu Bhai
    I'm unable to change Thread description on PG except for its title. When ever I click edit thread, it opens a popup where I can only change the name of the thread or delete it or change its prefix that's it nothing more.
    wtf, your PC is still dying :eek:. There is definitely something going on, something that you aren't doing right, a variable in the equation that messes up the result, could be PSUs, power fluctuations, using bad stabilizer, static through your hands etc. which is probably what's happening or even though I don't believe in such stuff, and God Forbid, a Curse. Whatever the case maybe get it checked ASAP and don't take it lightly.
    I also miss the time when you used to be online on steam and we used to talk :/, I am still available on steam and play games but haven't seen you online in a while.
    OMG Man That is Horrible :eek:, koi bhi nai chiz letay waqt sadqa lazmi kia kru bhai.
    Also Electrical wiring in your room and home is really effed up. Allah ap kei lyay Asani karay. I can understand the pain you are going through and i feel sorry about it
    True, got busy with Bachelor thesis, and I have picked up a remote job as well :s Never knew there'd come a time when I'd be out of time to have fun, sedlyf brah :(
    Sure. I left the gaming scene a couple of months back tho, even mobas, sadly. So I can't help actively like manging tournament sessions but if there's any other work I can do without being there, I can surely give it a try.
    i already have horizon. If you are interested in evil within, price is negotiable.
    For online gaming and other features i use PC, and PS4 for console exclusives or ps4 exclusives. Right now except God of War there no games on ps4 that attract me so i think i m gonna wait it out
    Chiken i need your precious advise, So ps4 exploit 5.05 is out now should i gor for jailbreak ps4 or legit way. I am on 4.73
    I am Sorry to hear that bro, I completely understand the pain of damaged gaming PC i hope you get the time and money(Mining is a Abuses will lead to ban!!!) for the upgrades, I too thought of upgrading from 1060GTX to 1070 but prices are absolutely absurd. PS4 is complete waste of money for me, only used it for couple of hours i cant sell it because God of War is coming and even tough i dont have high hope for its new direction i will still finsih it 1-2 times.
    You should really check how is BF1 for high pingers like us because its hell. EA didnt made any room for high pingers in bf4 and completely forgot about them in bf1 with shit hit detection and rubber banding my advise is to buy Overwatch. i am playing that and AC origins . Overwatch is a great game with no issue of high pings and great hit detection.
    Aslm O Alikum, Hey man how's life treating ya? or more importantly hows computer treating ya? got some upgrades? i saw you getting a ps4? hows that experience? my ps4 is eating dust, bought her for exclusives sadly not many exclusives on ps4. Man i miss Ps2 Days :(
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