MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - Base game + Phantom Liberty sales cross 30 million copies!


Apr 16, 2009
Update on June 11th, 2018:

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Press Release:

Warsaw, 18 October 2012 – CD Projekt RED has officially announced the title of its in-development role-playing game. "Cyberpunk 2077" will be set in the world created by Mike Pondsmith, one of the fathers of the cyberpunk genre and the creator of the cult-classic pen-and-paper RPG, Cyberpunk.

"The Team has to love the material. The Team has to want to be faithful to the material. The Team has to have the skills to execute the material and see that vision through to the end. They have to be on fire with the desire to make an extraordinary game.

And that leads, at last, to why we hooked up with CD Projekt RED" – Mike Pondsmith commented, why he has chosen to work with the Polish game developer.

The cyberpunk atmosphere, well known from William Gibson's novels, the "Blade Runner" movie and the famous pen-and-paper game, "Cyberpunk 2020", will surround the player. The creators promise that "Cyberpunk 2077" will be true to the essence of the cyberpunk genre. Players will be thrown into the dark future of the year 2077 and into a world where advanced technologies have become both the salvation and the curse of humanity. A multi-thread, nonlinear story designed for mature players (a CD Projekt RED trademark) will take place in the sprawling metropolis of Night City and its surroundings. Players will have a chance to visit places well known from "Cyberpunk 2020", including a combat zone completely taken over by gangs, the legendary Afterlife joint and the nostalgic Forlorn Hope.

Freedom of action and diversity in gameplay will be delivered thanks to the sandbox nature of the game and mechanics inspired by the "Cyberpunk 2020" pen-and-paper system, fine tuned to meet the requirements of a modern RPG. Gameplay will pump adrenaline through players' veins and be consistent with the celebrated Cyberpunk spirit – rebellion, style, edge, uncertainty. And of course, a cyberpunk reality cannot be deprived of murderous steel – guns, rifles, implants, dozens of gadgets and other varied pieces of equipment needed to survive on the streets of Night City. The developers are focused on making the technology of 2077 credible and exciting.

For more info please visit the newly launched blog: and read some articles written by both the developers from CD Projekt RED and Mike Pondsmith himself.


Cyberpunk setting? HOLY HYPE!!!!!!!

Click here to view the article.
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Ferrari and Chelsea FTW
Jan 10, 2010
He looks like the clowns from bulletstorm (The ones with blades in their hands ) :lol:


FUCK Y 'all !
Jan 25, 2009
I hope it's more 'actiony' like Mass Effect than stealthy like Deus Ex.


Oct 18, 2010
Naa kr baba, na he ho tuo behtr hai . :p

From looking at the character it looks like a Brink-ish type of RPG .


Apr 16, 2009
- Cyberpunk revealed on CDPR Summer Conference:

No better developer out there to make such an RPG.

- Witcher 2 EE has sold 1.7 million copies to date

- The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition announced for MAC (available Fall 2012)

The developers behind popular role-playing game The Witcher are working to turn cult classic pen and paper role-playing game Cyberpunk into a triple-A video game, the developers said today.

Cyberpunk will be developed by a new team at the developer composed of veterans from the Witcher franchise, according to the company.

Cyberpunk was based on the works of William Gibson and Bruce Sterling when it first hit in 1988 as Cyberpunk 2013. Later versions of the game hit in 1990 and 2005. All three versions of the game deal with cybernetic modification, high tech weapons and mega corporations.

"Their upcoming RPG will be designed for mature and demanding players who expect to be treated seriously, and the game will be richly detailed, non-linear, and with a complex and gripping story," according to the press release. "Players will experience the world through their own, unique characters chosen from different classes - be they blood-thirsty mercenaries or cunning hackers - that they will equip with vast selection of cybernetic implants and deadly weapons. As in the Witcher series, players will face morally ambiguous choices, their actions influencing events in the world at large and the fate of the individuals they encounter."

Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the original games, was on hand during the Warsaw, Poland press conference to talk about his creation and its move into the video game world.

"When we were contacted by CD Projekt Red and saw The Witcher and The Witcher 2, we said these guys can do it they can get that maturity... that dystopian feel," he said. "We're are going to bring you the Cyperpunk game you've all been waiting for."

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