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  • Well, pretty much every multiplatform game is available on the X360, so I'm sure that doesn't come in the way. Plus, he may have his personal biases when it comes to certain genres, but I don't think he's ever gone out of the way to praise an X360 exclusive. For example, if he was biased towards the X360, he'd have lauded Gears of War: Judgement to no end. But he didn't seem to like it much, based on his impressions.

    DarkLord is one of the more active mods, and being the most active gaming section, general gaming needs all the help it can get. So, yeah, adding him to the existing list of General Gaming mods is a great idea. Will definitely bring it to the admin's attention. (y)
    y i cant pm u? :(

    pm me,then i ll talk u via replies:p

    n 1 thing,did u ever played dance central on ur (last) 360?

    how many profiles u made on it?
    can u remember profile name?
    sum 1 just spam this in my profile :mad:

    enevr deal with him.dono who da hell is he. :mad:

    mods ll remove it soon hopefully.
    I see, thanks. Dark Souls it is then.

    One more thing. I'm a sucker for boss fights lol. Which of the games has more interesting ones?
    lol it's not that, Demon's Souls is available for $20 on PSN, so I thought I might as well try it now.

    But since you're saying that Dark Souls is easier to pick up, I might as well try that instead.

    Although, I've heard that the worlds are more varied and interesting in Demon's Souls, and that there are more NPCs to interact with. Is that true?
    Sup Rad! What's better in your opinion - Demon's Souls or Dark Souls?

    I'm looking to get Demon's Souls from PSN, but if Dark Souls is better, I'll just play that on PC instead.
    Played till where I'm at a barn or something, then I got Hitman to work. Hooked onto that now. :D Btw, are the coolermaster laptop coolers any good? They're pretty cheap here. Hitman takes my laptop to 85 degrees at times. Is it worth investing in?
    Played till where the guy shoots the zombie-cop after the accident.Instantly loving the game. Couldn't figure out where to click so I quit :D Going back to it now
    Downloading Hitman Absolution for PC anytime soon? If so, guide me to the torrent. The ones I found require me to update my windows to sp1 but since I have the pirated version, I can't do that else it'll give me that ''your windows is not genuine'' notice every time. Let me know, eager to try it on pc.
    lol that would make things kind of boring, don't you think? :p

    Trust me, I haven't been offended by anything you've said, so just be yourself (y)
    lol I was just kidding, nothing serious.

    Don't you think if I had actually wanted to point out your post as off-topic, I'd have at least quoted you? :p

    The other people who quoted you did so before I even said anything, except maybe for Simon lol
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