Want To Sell MSI Dual GTX 1060 6GB + i5 6th Gen + 16GB DDR4 + 550W Antec Truepower PSU ONLY 79K

Zeus MK

Aug 11, 2010
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Assalam O Alekum!
The title says it all yes! yes you heard it right. All of the stuff for sale at

-All the stuff is working great!
-Hand2Hand deal only
-I will give my B150M Motherboard free with this (it's not working anymore)
-Casing and DVD RW+ are also free.
-Checking on the spot - no warranty even after 1 second of item leaving my sight.
-Can be shipped on buyers risk and expense. (but not recommended)
-No item will be sold separately. Yes you get the ugly things aswell
-No reservation. If you are out of city and agree on your own 100% risk and my 0% warranty on any of the stated items then please call and transfer the payment to my account and il have it shipped in sha ALLAH

This is a special treat for bachas who wanted to start from serious gaming hardware but didn't got an opportunity to do so.

In the end I want to send lanat on the face of the guy because of whom a GTX1060 is being sold for as much as 90K.
Actually, this offer is a lanat on his face altogether.

Original Pics here.


(y)o_O :Snap out of it! It's not a dream


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