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  • Mentioned you in the body building thread. Kindly do assist me with your answers to the queries when you can.

    For most games i5 = i7
    For Battlefied i7 >>>>>>> i5

    Im getting absolutely zero dips in performance and pretty much constant 45-50-55 fps

    Get 3770K then if its cheaper
    OMG LOL! I just sent you this on origin ""Apologies. Some friends came over unexpectedly and uninvited"." then opened PG and saw your message. And I was sitting here feeling bad :<
    Omgzzz! Hai Yawser.. did yew si dat bettlefeeld 444 and titenfawll? :eek: I officially take back my Battlefield 3.5 comments.
    Sorry i just logged in today.

    Your game should've worked just fine had you launched the game from "B2 Launcher" and not "Borderlands2.exe".

    Anyway, your game is working now, so enjoy it to its fullest :)
    Yep it does matter. However, the 1.5 version i gave you, doesn't need previous patches installed. Thats why i linked you to it. Just install the patch and DLC will also get installed.

    Even if you don't update after v1.5, your game will run perfectly fine.

    Its better to wait for Update 1.8 from SKIDROW or Reloaded, which will also bring later DLCs packaged in it. But wo jab bhi aaye ga tab dekhi jaye gi.

    For now, just install the Update 1.5 after install the game (from the first method i posted) and you are good to go.
    Yep. The first method have the Game & the update Separately. However, i have only linked you to 1.5 version. The later patches (1.6, 1.7 or 1.8) are not available separately.

    The 2nd method has the Full Fledged Game (already updated to latest).
    Download this SKIDROW version: Borderlands.2-SKIDROW Torrent Download
    Then Download Update 15 inc. DLC : Borderlands.2.Update.v1.5.0.Incl.DLC-RELOADED Torrent Download


    Alternatively, you can download this game which is already updated to 1.8 w/ ALL the DLCs released to date; Borderlands2_v1.8.0+dlcs+skins_EngSpa_OnlineOffline.iso Torrent Download

    BUT, Beware as this game has A LOT of DLC expected in coming months so if you want to play them too, I'd say stick to the Original Method (which is to Download the SKIDROW release and then Install the Updates separately), so that your game stays close to the Original (and not modified like the 1.8 I've posted above ... which MAY NOT work when the next update arrives).

    Its totally your choice.
    Yo, remember I told you how my legs feel weak all the time? Well, last week it got worse. They started to feel weaker than usual. So, yesterday I attempted my very first squats and man did they suck the life out of my legs. However, just a day after my legs felt way better. I couldn't walk but they didn't feel weak. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but the reason I couldn't walk was because my thighs were sore.

    What else could I do with my legs that would make them strong without buying any equipment? Also, not sure if I am doing squats wrong but they only seem to be affecting my thighs. At least that's what it feels like. I don't feel anything going on in my hips and lower legs.
    Oh Good. Of Course for studies. Well am going to stay at university hostel. And I have secured Admission in University of Malaya and now they have told me to wait for my offer letter - probably in august- ....And then other things :p
    So what is the likelihood of getting Job there? Also how much time it takes to find a part time job?
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