Sony PlayStation 5 : The Next Gen Begins

PS5 Release Date, PS5 Games, PS5 Power vs Xbox One X, PS5 Price Speculation - All the PS5 Info lets discuss

Here are all the rumors and speculation surrounding the PS5, including a potential PS5 release date, power, and launch games of Sony's inevitable PS5. Is the PS5 releasing in 2019?

What we Want From the PS5 Speculation aside, what would we ideally want from the PS5? Backwards compatibility for PS4 games would be brilliant, simply because you'd be able to carry over classics like the Shadow of the Colossus remake to the next console generation. We've seen how well Microsoft is handling backwards compatibility with its Xbox One consoles (including getting amazing results updating Xbox 360 games to run in 4K on Xbox One X), and something similar on PS5 would be great.

In terms of pure power, the PlayStation 5 has to significantly exceed the power of the Xbox One X. This means featuring more games running in 4K at 60FPS. If the PS5 can deliver about 10 TF of power we'd be happy, as this would allow devs to create games that look a generation ahead of what we've got now.

But what would the dream launch lineup be for the PS5? Death Stranding and The Last of Us: Part 2 are hugely anticipated blockbuster games, with the former especially looking to push the performance of whatever system it's on to the very limit. We've also mentioned Ghost of Tsushima and a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, and the latter would be the perfect way to kick off a new console cycle from Sony.
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are you on the bandwagon of hoping for ps5 sooner bcoz i sure am :p

It's not really a big issue. I won't be a day 1 adopter anyway. I've learned it's not really good to get a console day 1 for many reasons. Even if the first batch of PS5 exclusives also have PS4 Pro versions of those games, I'll be perfectly happy with it.


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PlayStation 5 -- Hype, Potential Leaks, Rumors, Blah blah

So today we got this :

SemiAcccurate gets some Playstation 5/Next details - SemiAccurate

(if someone can pls pay 1000$ and paste it here, would be great :p )
anyways some interested details in that article

Some have already started questioning the reliability of this source, and say that they would rather wait to hear the PlayStation 5 details announcement from Sony directly, but when looking at the
Xbox One X specs and where consoles should go next, these predictions might not be far off.
Not many people will agree with Charlie about his dates as it is assumed that Zen 2 architecture will be ready by the end of this year and given developers have been working on games for a while now a 2018 or 2019 release date is physically possible.... however he points out that they laughed at him when he told them about the
specs for the PS4, XBox (not named) One (then), and Nintendo Switch which he got spot on.
so the guy/source
is reliable and has previously provided proven material

-Uses AMD's Navi as its base architecture, not specifically using Navi.-CPU is Zen
-Large amount of devkits have apparently gone out.
-Author suggests 2018 release of PS5 is not out of the question based on the amount of devkits released
-VR "goodies" baked in at the Silicon level. (Sony not giving up on PSVR any time soon is what I think)

Some more stuff in there, but I am not technically literate, and doesn't really discuss power of the system.[/QUOTE

First, the article claims that the PlayStation 5 will be using AMD’s next generation Navi GPU, which is said to ship towards the end of 2018, as its base architecture. Not much is known about AMD’s next-generation Navi GPU yet, but it will apparently deploy a scalable GPU design with many smaller Navi GPU dies interconnected through AMD’s super fast Infinity Fabric technology, as well as the mysterious “NextGen Memory.” The publication also belives PlayStation 5’s CPU will be AMD’s Zen processor.

Reportedly, a number of development kits are already in the hands of several companies, though a specific list wasn’t provided.
Ps5 DevKits in the wild :


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Jan 19, 2007
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If it was releasing in 2018, hardware would have already been announced or teased. This isn't coming out until Holiday 2019 at the earliest.


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Feb 1, 2012
Consoles generations dont feel that exciting anymore since this gen...
This news comes to me as generically as the next phone now.
Because there isn't game library to support the console that's why console announcements are getting boring, Remember the ps2 era when ps2 had thousands of game support from America, Europe and Japan.
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