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Tips and tricks of Pakgamers Market Place

hmmmm...where do i start, should i talk about the success and audience it offers to users unparalleled in Pakistan or should i wander off in the threads of zero dealing ethics and rules compromised?. We have all been there and done that and a nice little tips thread wouldn't hurt anyone, therefore i present some help for both buyers and sellers to keep the marketplace clean , user friendly and safe:

Disclaimer: These are based on my experience and point to no particular incident. I will update it as new things come to me!

First of all we are a community, COMMUNICATION -UNITED = comm-unity (i dont have a clue if that is what ciommunity means but i fits, anyway) , so each and everyone should play their part and try to help others out, we are one team and as a Man untd fan i would say * UNITED WE STAND

For all:

1) When you face a problem, want to request a favour, want to close the thread or report something use PM and leave the link to the thread, so that it is easier for us to resolve it and instead of running around looking for it we can deal with the matter at hand.

2) DONT USE HARSH WORDS/TONE (*points at the speech i have given above about unity). If you do face any argument contact the mods

3) Dont try to cheat/misuse the trader score system, it can detect it.
Report fishy/messed up thread to any mod at once!

4 )Pakgamers provide the users with alot of features some take granted for, dont forget that the administration has the final word in all matters


1) ALWAYS make use of trader score. If you are new and want the seller to ship some item and are unsure check his other past dealings via the feedback(trader rating) page and ask the other users question. Online dealing is considered taboo in paki but the trusted dealers on Pakgamers have earned their trader score!

2) Dont complain to the price a user ha quoted, neither does he force you to buy his item nor beg. It is his property and he can demand whatever he likes, but within the laws of common sense) if you think its unfair contact the moderators ( i.e me/jshak)

3)Posts like *good luck selling*,*nice product*, *too expensive*, *etc* are considered spam and irrelevant, so beware of the consequences!

4) Always research the thing you wanna buy thoroughly, marketplace is not the place to do your rearching. It clutters the thread and annoys the seller!

5) Dont use harsh or rude words to get your point across! This may result in a ban..and who wants that!

6) Check other offers and questions before posting yours.

7) Use PMs to negotiate a deal.


1) Follow the marketplace rules and regulations to the last word. Try to copy and paste the format we have already provided in rules thread, it will help you, us and buyers!

2) Dont rip off buyers. We take pride in maintaining a database where things are cheaper then market and intend to do so in future.

3) Try not to get offended like little girls, seriously guys!

4) When something has been sold, leave me a VM/Pm along the link to your thread asap.

5)Dont ignore offers, leave the person a small friendly note via pm/vm if you agree to it or not.

6)If you post some more information regarding your product edit your first post so that all the info is right in front of the buyer. Same goes with pics.

7) if you dont have pics dont create a thread..simple!
Stating *Mod please wait* , * i am at office will post pics later* are not allowed, create the thread when u have the pics.

8 )Dont make your thread a candy store. Excessive use of colors and huge fonts makes you look like a douche bag begging for attention!

9) List the item properly and tag it accordingly

10) dont fotget to use the title tags( I.e WTS/WTB/WTT)

11) Use of common sense when bumping a thread is necessary.
(actually you should use it as frequently as possible)

12)You should have some knowledge of the item you are selling so that you can give proper answers.

13) If you are posting the specs and copying from a website it is wise to insert- it in a spoiler tag with reference to the site!

For detail of Rules :
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