PC Half-Life: Alyx [OT] Welcome back to CiTy 17


Apr 16, 2009
My first few times playing, free locomotion was disorienting for me as well. And you're right, it's a general VR issue.
It DOES go away with time though. Having used VR enough, it no longer bothers me.

One more solution is to play while seated. I used to do that earlier when standing up while using free locomotion was making me sick. You can play pretty much all of Alyx comfortably while seated because of the Gravity Gloves. Also, using snap-turn instead of smooth turn helps alot.
Agreed. Alyx is by no means a game that cannot be enjoyed unless a disability is affecting a person to use VR.

I think some people who suddenly have complaints are frustrated that they were not able to play the game on a PSVR headset. Even if some drivers can get it to work, I'd imagine you would need an extra investment in proper controllers to be able to play Alyx on PSVR. At that point, its better to sell the PSVR and invest in one of many PCVR headsets.
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