Want To Sell gpu riser card


Nov 28, 2014
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selling my gpu riser card used for few days ....
version 006c is the best available in all even better then ver 007 cause of 4 capacitors for better voltage regulation
and its 6 pin connector which better the molex or sata connectors which are known to be troublesome....
can be used for mining purpose or for setting gpus vertically...
totally fine no issues at all...its almost knew...
price reduced to 500 with ship ....very nominal price...
its high quality with best connectors ...can be seen in pics
contact 03447030960
20180405 144508 — imgbb.com
20180405 144403 — imgbb.com
20180405 144323 — imgbb.com
20180405 142156 — imgbb.com
20180402 205745 — imgbb.com
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