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  • I just ditched the B.Comm/BA plan. I still have the BSc degree among my plans for next session but Im wondering if I should start work on it now if I'm targeting the next session's submission or plan the whole thing for later next session. Secondly, I asked if you could provide link/s to any cheap or free resources that could be crucial for the project.

    I was just recently conflicted between MBA and CFA after ACCA. I was wondering which one to attempt after ACCA to increase my chances of employability. Now that I have realized my strengths don't actually lie in finance, Im starting to think of a future in tax. I just looked up CTA and it seems to be the 'gold' standard qualification in regards to tax. ANy suggestions in this regard.

    PS: I am a very ambition-less person which is why I am unable to decide where to sail after ACCA.
    Do you think those grades would adversely affect my prospects? It certainly was a reason why I had to be part of FIA to enter ACCA and not directly ACCA. Do you think I could sit the B.Comm exams on its basis or would I have to sit the I.Comm exams? Secondly, kindly do tell if B.Comm can be done privately like BA can? Would you really suggest doing B.Comm next session or not?
    Maybe I am mistaken about that figure I quoted. Perhaps 50k included ACCA's fee AND the mentor's fee when the presenter quoted it in the seminar I attended. I still believe it's not wise to take mentoring services from this particular institution. Ofcourse, I ll look around in the same city before I am convinced I have to look elsewhere. You really think there are people you know that are out there in different cities, offering this service at fair compensation but fully honestly and sincerely? I mean, are you convinced that it could actually help on a basic level where the mentor is ready to really help, completely?
    I ll be honest with you here: I took up mostly science subjects in my A-Level and due to my sheer carelessness scored a C in Economics, E in Math and E in Physics.
    Since these so-called mentors are rip=offs, a teacher recommended privately working through a Bachelors (be it BA/B.Com) and sit the exams after 6 months since she believes that won't be an issue for me. That kinda baffles me because BA isn't even close to the kind of content we study in the ACCA. B.Comm might be closer but the course spans 2 years for a reason, I thought. How could I possibly finish it in 6 months on my own and sit the exams? Perhaps that's why she suggested BA in the first place. Then again, that won't exactly say much about my skills if I combine that with my ACCA.

    I just recalculated my average mark as of now and it is 60 percent with F6 still pending. If I could score well on that, I suppose this would be somewhere around 60 to 65 percent on the exam average mark front. With a good project prepared, maybe I could possibly get that first class or atleast the upper class degree. Not too far gone, I suppose.
    Thanks for your response, saad.

    Yeah, I will be eventually moving out of here but you do make a good point. My target market as of now is the Middle East, but I have no real justification to back that yet. Though, I hope the OBU, regardless of the class, will bear more value before employers there.

    The institute where I study, the so-called mentors are rather poor with their own reading and writing skill so I don't suppose they will do a good job at actually 'mentoring' me. I bet a good amount of fee is charged by institutions for this kind of stuff so if I add this fee to what ACCA charges me, I am easily looking at an expense of Rs. 1 lac. That makes me wonder if there are credible, updated resources (free/cheap) out there that will enable me to get the job done on my own without the assistance of a mentor next session. You think that's possible? Could you quote any?
    Hello, saad. Firstly, many congratulations on becoming an affiliate. I wish you all the best with your future plans.

    I will be attempting my final 3 ACCA papers next month, Inshallah. I just wanted to ask you if OBU degree is still worth a shot if my marks for the required fundamental exams average in the 50s? I am guessing that probably brings the degree down to third class but would it still be worth my time and effort considering its worth in Pakistan and abroad?

    Thanks n advance.
    I meant to ask if I would be allowed to sit Paper P2 and P3 ONLY (2 papers) without having cleared Paper F6 and F9. What do you think?

    I hope you are doing well. I came here with a question, hoping you could hlp me with it.

    Firstly, does ACCA allow sitting professional exams (P2 and P3 ONLY) for students who have cleared all but 2 Fundamental exams (F6 and F9)? Secondly, I can't find any good trainers for paper P3 in my locality, so are you of the opinion that this particular paper is easy enough to be attempted on one's own (using OpenTuition notes and video lectures along with Kaplan Study Text and Exam Kit)? Thirdly, should I be attempting or, more appropriately, will I be allowed to attempt the thesis for OBU BSc degree once ALL​ Fundamental exams have been cleared?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards.
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    That is original I think. Cz you will get original in same price too(2000-2500RS).
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