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  • Buddy u have played sleeping dogs right....? Yaar i played it a while back and the aiming controls were a little out... i mean if you aim at the side of the head, then you score a headshot....
    Do you know any fix for it? I saw the skidrow update BUT ITS 7GB... its gonna take a long long time....
    If you find a torrent with only updates plus fix PM me plz :D
    Get this: The King of Fighters 2002 ROM Download for MAME - ROM World

    and this: Neo-Geo ROM Download for MAME - ROM World

    Make a new folder called Roms in the folder in which you extracted GGPO, and put both of these there. Don't unrar them.
    Lord Tywin was overrated and controlling; Joffrey was an idiot; Balon was a bitter man. All of these came back to haunt them. Tywin failed to realise that it was Tyrion and not Jaime who was alike him. Jaime's a whole different person. He can't think up of a scheme half as elaborate as Tyrion's or Tywin's even if his life depended on it. He's always been the doer, not the thinker. Balon should have accepted Robb's offer.
    Ramsay's a nice guy. House Bolton's all about helping people really. :p
    Not a problem. I think the show wasn't subtle enough with Robb's death. I have a couple of friends who are show watchers only and they kept asking me if Robb was a dead man walking, because they thought so.
    I just hope Ramsay dies and put Theon out of his misery too.
    I wish I was able to watch the episode in the same room as the series watchers. I would definitely have filmed their reactions. :lol:
    I thought they pulled it off extremely well. Both the actors were fabulous and Catelyn nailed it. Robb Stark was my favourite character so I obviously was more distraught by his death than Jon's. I started liking Jon more in Book 5, the way he gives Stannis advice and takes control of the wall. DAMN YOU BOWEN MARSH and DAMN YOU RAMSAY. The best character in book 5 though was Manderly. (lmao) That guy is the origin of all badassery.
    What are you talking about? I was telling, to reply to someone's Visitor Message, you have to post on their profile, but instead you were posting on your own which doesn't notify the person it is intended for.
    Thanks for the like and dude you have to post on their profile whenever you reply/ VM someone. Or click the view conversation text, right side of left message and post then.
    When I bought it which was a month ago I guess, I managed to get xperia U for 16500 and xperia sola for 19.6K from saddar. (shop was opp bawany mob, dont rememeber name). I bought both together so he gave me a great discount.
    However my friend who bought xperia u a little later found one for 17K.
    Dont know about latest price bro but I guess its around 18K now. You will have to do some bargaining. Xperia sola, you will only be able to get used.
    These phones don't have warranty so test every feature of em at the shop.
    as u have both xperia u and sola can you tell me the price of new as i am unable to find the exact price as every site has their own prices which have difference of 1000+ and one site selling u at 20k.so i sold my wildfire s and going to buy anyone of them.my budget is 17k
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