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  • I was just thinking if "Google's own YouTube App" is workable on iOS5. But yeah, the builtin one works okay.

    Its been days that i've been searching for a FreeVPN for iPhone and so far i haven't found any. Famous ones like Hotspot Shield, Spotflux etc are Trial and its annoying :S

    Is there ANY app completely free, ANY AT ALL?
    Syed Shehzad faces problem with Play Store = PlayStore is Shit. Android is shit.

    Now facing same problem which App Store, Which happens to be "The Best". :tv:

    What else do you want me to say here?

    Anyway, like i said before ... let them have it.
    I seemed to have missed your VM. From what I've read there is a hardware limitation preventing this.
    I named the iOS7 thread title out of no where. Didn't know it will become too sarcastic for it, until someone posted WindowsPhonified Photos of iOS7. :umad:

    Nonetheless. It looks pretty. Just like that blond beautiful chicks which can show mammies .... without brains :umad:
    lol yea good point. I just thought that 'billion would make a stronger impression' :p
    And btw, can we view visitor's messages on tapatalk?
    Exactly, what I'm talking about. So many phones out there just stuck on ICS which are perfectly capable of running JB....
    Why no JB for Xperia U though?
    What type of hardware limitations? It has a 1GHz Dual-Core and 512MB RAM which is enough.
    The crap single-core 1GHz with Adreno 200, Xperia J has 4.1.2 and Xperia U doesn't! WTF, Sony walo ne kya Abuses will lead to bans marli.
    The only restriction is about Posting Links. You can talk about Piracy all you want ;)

    I've mentioned Mobilism, MarketMilitia, Blackmart countless times. Ever seen me posting any direct Links to any cracked stuff?

    Just post the name. Let the other party use a little bit of their brains and figure out what to do with that name.
    Check your SENT messages. I didn't get whatever you were trying to say to me.

    And .... Go to "PG's Settings > General Settings (from left) > Under Misc. Options ... choose Standard Editor. BBCode Mode may be old school but it still works much better than the advanced editing style mode.
    I needed help rooting a SE Live with Walkman. It's on Android 4 and the build number is 4.1.B.0.587.
    As you haven't tried many custom roms, i dont blame you for that.

    Well ... I change my roms often, whenever i feel the current one is getting boring. (currently using CM10 4.1.2 -- waiting for 4.2.1) MIUI always bring in some good kicks.

    Also, if you want to drool to death, check this out.
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