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  • Dude, i need some effin motivation to start doin anything ;s can you tell me what sort of game u made on rpg maker for your project? How long was it? How much time did it take? Did you do the art too or just scripting or use everything available on the community?
    yea i know game maker but both of them don't have any tilesets given on default.. ;s you yourself have to create the backgrounds and all the sprites and such.
    Nani you know any game engine like RPG maker but for 2d side scroller? like u know RPGmaker is for over the top view, i want to make a side scroller but don't want to waste my time on creating tilesets, any engine dat provides some tilesets for 2d side scroller?
    Yo nanow you still in pak? How's things going on with the articles? I was gone for 20 days on umrah so couldnt submit more.
    Did you check the pm buddy? I am mostly free these days so i wanna get on with this.., tell me if you liked the article and i will start writing some more.
    Well i can certainly try but my friend is more interested...
    As for me, i don't think i will be able to deliver in 20 days as i'm not an avid writer and out of all the gaming and tech market currently ;s If there is no deadline like i start delivering you the news 1 by 1 and get my payment at the end (after delivering all 10) maybe then i could actually do it.
    Anyways if there is a thread describing the details do link me please, as to what things are you guys looking for, Game or hardware reviews or Technology news is viable too?
    Yo nanow, do you guys really pay anyone who delivers 10 new pieces as stated here in the last ?
    Write For Us ! | PakGamers

    What's the procedure? I mean do you guys hire people specifically (dedicated job) or anybody who delivers 10 news pieces is paid?
    Do you guys take any news piece first as a reference for the quality of the news pieces that a person will submit?
    Sir, why did you guys get rid of the activity box at the bottom of the page that would show the last 10 or so threads where the most recent posts were made on?
    I don't know if this is for everyone, but I am experiencing a very weird error. Everytime I quote a post, I have to start immediately after
    tag. If I start from a new line, spacebar won't work. It has happened to me in both Safari and Chrome, so I don't think its a browser specific issue. Just wanted to know, if any of you guys experienced this.
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