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  • hello my dear
    I am SINDA by name good day. i just went to your profile this time true this site (PakGamers - video game, news, reviews, previews, trailers in Pakistan) and i got your detail and your explanation in fact the way you explain your self shows me that you are innocent and maturity and also understand person i decided to have a contact with you so that we can explain to our self each other because God great everyone to make a friend with each other and from that we know that we are from thism planet God great for us ok my dear please try and reach me through my email address ([email protected]) so that i can send you my picture true your reply we can know each other ok have a nice day and God bless you yours SINDA
    can u send a pic of what ur selling the gl flex hdd ---thanks i am from rwp as well

    maybe we work some thing out ---would u be itnerested in a water cooling xspc rasa 360 kit .

    A very heartiest Happy Eid Mubarrak to you and to your family,
    may Allah bestow His blessings throughout the year on you all - Amen :)
    Best wishes
    Osman Aka hitman4life
    Hmm, If that's the case maybe I will set up my own, Thanks for the info dude, Will get to it soon :D. But.. I hardly have enough games don't you think?
    Heeey, would you mind putting my games In that rent list for Islamabad? If it's Okay, Fifa 09, Little Big Planet, Unchartered, Rathcet and clank: tools of destruction, Heavy Rain, MGS4, Demonsouls , Star Wars force unleashed, Assassins Creed 2, Bioshock 2. These games are for rent, but a temporary trade works too. I don't wanna impose, But Is it's okay with you, please do. I'm looking for guys In Islamabad with whom I can trade ps3 games, If time permits.
    no problem thanks anyway...by the way if you sold it here on pg can you tell me seller name/nick i will contact him
    thanks again
    Lastly, these games come to Pakistan from UK or USA... so whoever is facilitating us gamers by importing these games he has to adjust according to the exchange rates.
    The dollars and pounds tend to rise during this season... so if the Pakistani Rupees devalues, it means that the game will become expensive automatically...

    hope you'll understand my point buddy :)

    Call / PM or sms the guy when you have doubts about the product or price itself. Fighting over a thread when the Thread Opener has clearly requested not to crap the thread is a bit sad I feel... so yeah every1 has the right to ask what they're buying, but just use the appropriate medium.

    Rest is up to you
    Dude I'm all chill...

    I guess you're either too naive or you still haven't experienced stupid offers in Pakistani market places.

    I've seen alotta pathetic offers where they ask for a 50% reduction in the seller's demand and leave their contact number "Agar itne ka dena hai tou call me between 5pm ~11pm"

    lol... I mean its just riddiculous... anyway...
    as for PG, if buyers are unsure of prices or feel that there has been an increase in value of games , the proper way is to route your query via PM or SMS and see what the seller has to say. If you don't like the deal you should simply move on... its not like Apara Market in ISb or Zainab Market in Karachi where you stand and keep bargaining over prices.
    w's , im good and what about you? yeah i had to sell the slim since it crapped out the second time, exactly a month afte i got it fixed for ylod. Then i bought a new slim. :)
    and one more thing dude 'AMAGA' is a supervisor and he can't make me a moderator or SV :)
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