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  • Sorry, I just saw your VM as my internet is down most of the time. What'd you want to know?
    السلام علیکم

    Kindly fix your signature. The maximum signature size allowed as per Sig & Avatar rules is 450x130 pixels w/ weight <150kb.

    Lol Nothing yet. Will tell you when I start working on it, so don't worry yourself. So, what's your plan for the future? Don't come back lol. stay away from this hell-hole. :p
    Thanks for the wish. And I am doing okay. Tell me about yourself. How are things going in Australia? :)
    I visit it once or twice a day, nothing major. What's going on with you? How's life in Australia?
    Slight Linearity is acceptable, but its conditional upon the Possibility of Modification or vice versa. (For example some Sigs show Gaming Stats directly update-able from a particular website, some BF3 sigs for instance)

    In your case, I cant do anything other than ask you to change it.

    Your signature is removed. Upload it once you have fixed the height.

    As for leaving PG, you can stay or leave. Its not my problem. As long as you are here, you'll have to follow the rules.
    Kindly fix the "Height" of your signature.

    Maximum limit allowed its 450x130pixels with weight <150kb, according to PG's avatar & Signature rules.

    Your current signature is violating the rule so modify/correct it ASAP.
    Yaar it's YES or NO at this point.

    The show starts at 5:45 but we have to be there at 4:30 at max.
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