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  • No problem, knowledge of anime, yeah I got that all from wasting my life on the internet.
    You should go to animenewsnetwork and myanimelist, they always update or list down the dates of the movies that are going to be released. I checked them and there were dates listed of all 3 movies.
    No there maybe, but I don't think so there is. Wait for Rumbel subs to finish the series and then check their homepage, they might post something about if they will release it in 720p. Or else wait for the 1080p encoding groups like Thoranime or CoalGirls etc to take on the project, they might do it in hd if Gintama is ever released on blu-ray.
    No. You will have to wait for a lot of time if you want all episodes in 720p. Rumbel subs release torrents in xvid and h264 but the h264 releases are 480p. Crunchysubs, which is I think the only group that has released Gintama episodes in 720p has just released and subbed only some of the later episodes. You cannot find all the episodes in 720p anywhere, you have to wait a lot of time the hd releases.
    Episodes 130-201 are in 480p by Horriblesubs on animebyt.es Register at that website and you can get it. Even if all the episodes are/were released in 720p. They would be quickly uploaded on BakaBt, nyaatorrents and Animebytes.

    Yes, you can find only a little amount of episodes in 720p over the internet.
    Sorry, as of yet you cannot get 720p encodes as Gintama does not air on tv in 720p, so you will have to wait for the Blu-rays. And most of the groups have dropped Gintama, so it might take a lot of time for a 720p batch. You'll have to bear with 480p. Only Rumbel is the active group fansubbing it and they are at episode 144, and their goal is obviously episode 201. So it will probably take a lot of time.

    The RAWS that Rumbel uses are mostly 480p.
    Get the first two seasons from here:
    So now you have 99 episodes with the opening and ending themes.
    And you can grab rest of the episodes from here, but Rumbel has only subbed up till 144 episodes.
    So you can wait for them to finish, which I recommend you should or else you can grab rest of the episodes or the whole batch from animebyt.es < Here rest of the episodes are from Horrible subs, this fansub group is criticized a lot as they rip subs from crunchyroll, funimation and the anime network. Which I think is bad.

    So, I would recommend that you wait from Rumbel to finish as they are the best group for Gintama. I am waiting too, and I haven't started Gintama yet. Lucky me.
    Bro not find any buyer for your 360 and about trailers....finding into various sities not 1 specific but mostly use google.....and sorry for late reply
    the site was ebookee[dot]com .... has large database of books.. gives RS or torrent links.
    I am not that sure but unless a company licenses it maybe then it will be dubbed. The version 2.0 has been licensed but not yet dubbed and it has been about 1 year so far. You will probably have to wait a whole lot of days for it to be dubbed and it ain't gonna be soon.

    What do you mean by the official release? Do you mean the official release of the Blu-Ray movie?

    For the answer of the question above, see the quote below. It is by UTW.

    " Joint with THORA, translated (from scratch) by yours truly. I actually had the script done the day the BD came out, but there’s a lot of work that goes into subbing a two hour long movie. The encoding also took a few days to finish. It was pretty cool though, final QC was completed shortly after the 1080p encode was done."
    The above one is Evangelion 2.22 You can (Not) Advance.

    1080p version hai. Mujhay 2.0 kay 1080p version ka nahi pata. Kyun kay main abhi aur bohat say anime dekh raha hoon, Evangelion menay baad kay liay chora hai kyun kay humara summer camp hai and I want to save the best for the last.

    At the moment I am watching Hayate the Combat Butler, Canaan and Angel Beats! 3 at a time.
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