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Sep 1, 2012
Yeah but thats the thing... why do we have to do that? We have also paid for this game like any other players around the world. :(
Why should we restart our routers etc everytime to play this game properly. In CSGO there is no such issue. Ping is really good all the time.
Yeah sure internet services in our country are shitty af but still other games works fine.
Yeah thats true, this only happens in R6S. Unfortunately we can't do anything but learn to deal with it.

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Aug 10, 2008
[h=1]A Rainbow Six movie is coming[/h]
[h=2]Michael B. Jordan will star in two films based on Tom Clancy books.[/h]

Variety reports that Paramount Pictures has developing official film adaptations for two Tom Clancy novels with Michael B. Jordan as the leading man. Jordan will helm the role of ex-Navy Seal John Clark (Clancy's second-most popular character in the "Ryanverse") in both Rainbow Six and Without Remorse, the former of which launched alongside the classic tactical shooter game of the same name in 1998.

Without Remorse will follow the novel in setting up the origins of Clark while Rainbow Six will follow the character as he forms the titular multi-national counterterrorism unit the games are based on. Clark is a long-established character in the Clancy universe and has previously been portrayed in Jack Ryan movies by Liev Schreiber in 2002’s The Sum of All Fears and Willem Dafoe in 1994’s Clear and Present Danger.
Throughout most of the game series, Clark was heavily featured as Team Rainbow’s director. This streak was broken in 2006’s Rainbow Six: Vegas. The series’ modern incarnation, Rainbow Six Siege, ditches most of the story elements of the past games for a multiplayer-only experience and an all-new cast of Rainbow operators. If Paramount’s new flicks decide to acknowledge Siege’s popularity, we could see Michael B. Jordan shooting baddies through walls or breaching the floor below to save a hostage. Hey, a guy can hope.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Rainbow Six Siege team reverses course, will not censor the game for global players[/h]

[h=2]“We want to ensure that the experience for all our players ... remains as true to the original artistic intent as possible”[/h]

Earlier this month, Ubisoft Montreal informed the Rainbow Six Siege community that all versions of the competitive first-person shooter would be censored to comply with Chinese regulations. The community, in turn, informed Ubisoft Montreal that it was extremely upset by that decision. Now, developers say they’re changing course by “reverting all aesthetic changes” made to the game.
The controversy began on Nov. 2, when Ubisoft Montreal issued a short statement about the expansion of Rainbow Six Siege in Asia. China looms large in that market not simply because of its size, but also because its government demands unusual accomodations when it comesto video games. Rather than create a separate version of the game, Ubisoft Montreal said it would instead push those changes out to everyone around the world.
Those changes included the removal of blood spatters and skulls from the game’s textures and art files, as well as the removal of sexualized neon signage and slot machines.
“None of these changes,” it stressed, “will have an impact on gameplay.”

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft“Having the same people working on a singular global version of the game ensures we only need to do the work once,” the post continued. “In addition, we can guarantee that any future changes are aligned with the global regulations we are working towards.”
But fans bristled. Many felt that the game which they had invested in, both in terms of their money and their time, was pulling a bait-and-switch.
“Make a totally uncensored build for everyone outside of China, it’s that simple,” said kungfukai on Reddit. “Valve does it with Dota 2 and CSGO, you guys can do it with R6S.”
Ubisoft Montreal seems to have heard them loud and clear and has vowed that all of the changes will be rolled back.
“We have been following the conversation with our community closely over the past couple of weeks, alongside regular discussions with our internal Ubisoft team, and we want to ensure that the experience for all our players, especially those that have been with us from the beginning, remains as true to the original artistic intent as possible,” the developers said.
The next update, referred to as Year Three Season Four, will see the majority of these changes returned to their original look. The Moroccan-themed expansion will also feature three new characters and a new map. It’s expected to launch in early December on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.
How this will impact a Chinese version of Rainbow Six Siege is not clear. For now, Ubisoft Montreal says that “players in Asian territories can continue enjoying the same game” as everyone else.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Ubisoft Finally Addresses Crouch and Lean-Spamming in Rainbow Six Siege[/h]

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege may be the best competitive tactical shooter on the planet but it's not without its issues. There's the game's meme-fueling Tachanka character that's so awesomely bad Ubisoft doesn't seem to know even if they want to fix the operator, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, an operator named Lion who's so overpowered he's been banned entirely from pro league play until he's re-designed.
And then there's the core gameplay itself which for anyone who's a fan of first-person shooters, makes for an entertaining esports session watching Rainbow Six Siege pros compete. Pro players and anyone worth their salt in ranked play knows, Rainbow Six Siege is not just about mastering the unique rock-paper-scissors gameplay of its operators and memorizing maps, it's about mastering the physicality of the operators themselves.

We're of course referring to Rainbow Six Siege's movement controls which let talented players lean and crouch so fast and without limits, that it's immersion-destroying. As the mega popular shooter continues to grow as it enters its fourth year, players are more than ever coming across veteran and just plain skilled players who can use the lean and crouch in such a way that it's ridiculous to see and play against, a problem that's far worse than dropshotting which Ubisoft addressed in 2018.

It's such an issue that after three years Ubisoft is finally planning to do something about the unlimited, unrestricted crouching and leaning. We don't know what, but they're testing a few options. Siege community manager UbiNoty posted the following to the game's Subreddit yesterday evening:

Recently, we have seen a rise of players encountering abusive crouch and lean spamming. To counter this, the team is actively working on how we want to approach the problem and planning our next steps.
We are currently prototyping a few systems to address this. More details will be shared about our exact methodology as we draw closer to a final version.
Coincidentally this post went live as a few of us were playing and streaming last evening, complaining about this very issue as we tried out Rainbow Six Siege's Road to S.I. Playlist which lets players try out the Pro League's Esport Map Pool and Pick and Ban system in casual play. We noticed this mode is generally filled with pre-made teams of highly ranked players who spam the crouch and lean keys like crazy.

Ubisoft Community Manager



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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Rainbow Six Siege introduces two new Australian operators[/h]
[h=2]The characters are accompanying Operation: Burnt Horizon[/h]

Rainbow Six Siege has introduced themed pairs of operators for some time. These new characters come from the same country, organization, and often have history together. The new Australian operators, Gridlock and Mozzie, follow that trend. These two characters are part of the upcoming update, Operation: Burnt Horizon.
Operators serve as the faces of Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft has taken care to craft a diverse range of characters. Tori “Gridlock” Tallyo Fairous and Max “Mozzie” Goose come from Australia’s SASR. According to the official backstory, they met during a robot fighting fest, but they are on opposite sides of the Siege battlefield.
Gridlock is an attacker, using anti-vehicle caltrops called Trax Stingers to control maps and lock down areas. Mozzie, a defender, has a “Pest,” an anti-intel measure meant to stop the attackers from learning where their opponents hide.
A full reveal of the characters, along with the rest of Operation: Burnt Horizon, will take place Feb. 17 at the finals of the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational in Montreal, Canada.


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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Rainbow Six Siege starts year four, announces a smorgasbord of support[/h]

[h=2]“A fresh new beginning” for Rainbow Six Siege[/h]

Operation: Burnt Horizon is set to kick off year four of Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft intends to ramp up post-launch support and continue to grow the game.
The first, and perhaps most fundamental change, will be splitting the development team into dedicated cells that will tackle each major part of the game: events, balance, maps, and operators. This includes a team focused on player behavior and toxicity, to ensure that playing the game is as pleasant as it is balanced. An upcoming feature will punish players who are trolling their team with friendly fire by reflecting that damage back at them.
Fans of Siege can expect the same cadence of eight new operators per season, but there will be greater focus on maps. One new map and three reworks have been announced for year four. The reworks will visually overhaul old environments and tweak gameplay, such as adding cover to some locations and creating new paths or chokepoints.
Ubisoft noted that, at this point in the game’s lifespan, they need to cater to both new players who are coming to Siege for the first time and players who have sunk time in since it launched in 2015. That means queues and player sorting will see changes to help new players climb aboard while retaining the competitive experience for veterans.
The team also will place greater emphasis on events. Previous events were a way to introduce light-hearted themes and limited-time challenges into the world of Rainbow Six, but they also served as a test bed for ideas like, say, Rainbow Six as a Left 4 Dead-style campaign. Upcoming events will be focused on this element, with new mechanics and twists, and this will allow Ubisoft to see how these new features or mechanics fare with the community.



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Jun 28, 2007
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[h=1]Rainbow Six Siege: Australian Map Details & Operator Loadouts[/h]

Early leaks from months ago, followed by some official but vague details shared by Ubisoft last week confirmed that Year Four Season One of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is taking players to Australia with the one and only new map of 2019. Titled "Outback", the new map coming with Operation Burnt Horizon is set at a remote pit stop and introduces a pair of new operators from the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).
During the Six Invitational tournament this weekend, Ubisoft used the event - as they do quarterly with every season - to detail the new map, the new playable characters Gridlock and Mozzie, and a bunch of exciting improvements and features coming to Rainbow Six Siege throughout Year 4.

Interestingly, one thing all the reports and leaks didn't have right is who's named who. The Gridlock and Mozzie names were reversed, but we'll explain below, along with details on their role-reversing unique gear, weapons, the new map, and plenty of art and screenshots.


  • Gridlock's Gadget: "Trax Stingers"
Throw them like a grenade and it deploys many damaging spike traps. This device forces roaming defenders to destroy them, take a lot of damage, or take another path. Either way it creates plenty of noise to warn attackers or blocks that path. Jaeger's ADS System cannot stop them either when thrown. Defenders however, can hinder the full deployment of the traps by shooting the stinger before it drops all the spikes, similar to how defenders can shoot Fuze's charges before they lob a full set of bouncing grenades into a room.


  • Mozzie's Gadget: "Pest Launcher"
The Pest Launcher can capture up to two drones, including Twitch drones, giving control of them to the defending team. Mozzie players can fire a Pest directly onto an attacking drone or deploy them as traps which can ambush any drone driving by. Drone users however are warned when approaching a deployed Pest with a large red indicator on their screen.
Once captured, Mozzie can use the drones as his own, and his teammates can use them like any other camera, giving defenders a whole lot of potential extra intel. Players can even drive the drones outside, but only for a few seconds before it's lost entirely (even to the original drone owner). Captured drones are identified by having blue lights instead of red lights.

  • Primary Weapons: P10 Roni Automatic Pistol or Commando 9 Assault Rifle
  • Sidearm: Super shorty shotgun

Outback is an L-shaped map that's comprised of three connected buildings, all color-coded, and full of unique landmarks for player callouts (like a hanging shark)

  • Garage (Blue)
  • Restaurant (Green)
  • Motel (Yellow)



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Jun 28, 2007
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well i lost all my six invitaional packs... i thought if gained i could open them later too but NOPE they vanished after the event. all four of my packs gained from challenges gone ! DAMN


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Jun 28, 2007
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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon Patch Notes & Release Date



  • Previous camera placement at a full lean allowed players to fire without being completely exposed. As part of our fix to counteract lean spamming, we are shifting the camera to the center of the head instead of the far side of the head, even when at a “full lean”.


  • With Y4S1, we have cleaned up the animations in the back end, and streamlined them. This will allow us more freedom to implement new features and unique aspects of the game in the future, as the overall animation development pipeline has been streamlined. We have also updated the new running animations based on the player feedback we received so that the head lean is less aggressive to make the sprint animation look more natural.

  • Minimum Clearance Level for Ranked Playlist increased from 20 to 30.
  • Reduction in HP after being revived from a DBNO state: PvP = 20 (down from 50), THunt = 15.
  • Holosight color is now determined by the base skin of the weapon it is equipped on.



  • Back to Wind Bastion version.
We're reverting Capitao back to his Wind Bastion version while we take a look at and evaluate the data and feedback we've gathered.

  • Auto – hangup timer of Dokkaebi calls reduced to 12 seconds (down from 18).
We're cutting down the amount of time it takes to auto–hangup a call based on feedback, so mom will go to voicemail faster now.

  • Fixed – When prone, moving/turning the camera even slightly will cause the Operator to make noise.This problem is tied to the shield operator rotation fix for Y4S1, so we're reverting back to the old rotation system for the time being.
    What that means for the Shield Rotation Desync fix: While we have reverted the new rotation system for now to address the rotational noise issues, we're going to work on improvements to the rotation system and the shield desync fix so neither is an issue. Unfortunately, this means that the shield rotation desync issue will be present again for the time being. We are still targeting some time during Y4S1 for the shield rotation fix to be implemented, and will update players when we have more info.

    • Fixed – Incorrect kill feed Death Icon.
    • Fixed – Attacker's still receive electric damage even after leaving electrified reinforced walls.
    • Fixed – Defenders are not being affected by Mute's Jammer when prone (players not registered as being within the AOE buff, blue indicator missing, cleanse not in effect).
    • Fixed – Attackers can control a drone if they deploy a drone while being injured at the same time.
    • Fixed – Transition animation from prone to sprint is almost instantaneous (the worm).
    • Fixed – Moving while prone and leaning produces no sound.
    • Fixed – Deploy and pick up animations are broken for the shield operators in 1st and 3rd person when using the breach charge.
    • Fixed – Shield clipping when a shielded operator reload while aiming down at the ground.



    • [*=left]Fixed – Defenders pushed back by Nomad's Airjab into Gridlock's Trax Stingers destroy them without taking any damage.
      [*=left]Fixed – Gridlock's Trax Stingers sometimes don't deploy.
      [*=left]Fixed – Gridlock's M249 SAW contains an extra bullet.
      [*=left]Fixed – Gridlock's F90 reload animation restarts if the reload animation is interrupted.

    • [*=left]Fixed – Pest is unusable if deployed on Mute's Jammer.
      [*=left]Fixed – Pest can hack drones through single bullet holes on single layered destroyable surfaces.

    • [*=left]Fixed – Alibi's hologram still appears even when an Attacking Operator is moving through/on top of the gadget while in prone.


    • [*=left]Fixed – Fire rate of Buck and Blackbeard's DMR in PVE are too low.

    • [*=left]Fixed – Fire rate on Caveira’s Luison is lower than intended.

    • [*=left]Fixed – Barbed wire is being electrified when vertically outside of the active radius of Kaid's Rtila.

    • [*=left]Fixed – Ying’s Burnt Horizon headgear model collapses her character model.

    • [*=left]Fixed – When sprinting, IQ keeps her gadget up to her face.
      [*=left]Fixed – Popping animation when IQ is prone and leaning with her gadget.
      [*=left]Fixed – Leaning with IQ's gadget while rappelling is not replicated from a third person POV on her model.

    • [*=left]Fixed – Various level of detail fixes across maps.


    • [*=left]Fixed – Sound does not propagate through a section of the floor in 2F office in Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Players can vault onto the fridge in 1F Convenience Store in Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Pixel line of sight in Compressor of Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Players can get stuck inside a barrel after vaulting the fence in EXT Storage Yard of Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Players can get onto the ceiling tarp in Gear Store in Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Players can plant the defuser on the ceiling tarp in Gear Store in Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Players can vault onto the shelf in 1F Garage in Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Players cannot place barbed wire on 2F Back Stairs of Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Defenders are being detected on the Stairs in 2F Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Defuser can't be planted on the North side of 1F Bushranger room in Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Vaulting inconsistency in Convenience Store in Outback.
      [*=left]Fixed – Spawn locations are misplaced on the Outback map overview.


    • [*=left]Fixed – Placeholder model can be found in the 4F Cockpit on Yacht.

    • [*=left]Fixed – The black holographic sight takes more space in the screen than the brown one.
      [*=left]Fixed – Visual issues with some models' eyes + eyelashes.
      [*=left]Fixed – After cooking a frag grenade until it explodes, the grenade model remains + nearby grenade indicator remains for other players.
      [*=left]Fixed – Overexposure of items when viewing in the shop/preview when switching between items.
      [*=left]Fixed – In PvE/custom, hostage can be picked up before the progress bar is full.
      [*=left]Fixed – Operators missing VO lines in the Article 5 PvE mission.
      [*=left]Fixed – Character animations freeze in the main menu.
      [*=left]Fixed – Pistol appears in the hands of an Operator when throwing their Drone.
      [*=left]Fixed – Holographic sight is sometimes reflective and unusable.
      [*=left]Fixed – Laser attachment is slightly misaligned with the mod rail for the SASR’s Super Shorty.
      [*=left]Fixed – FPS Drops.


    • [*=left]Fixed – All skins/uniforms should now be available and correctly skinned/equippable.
      [*=left]Fixed – The "Ocean's Teeth" Weapon Skin for IQ's 552 Commando is unavailable.
      [*=left]Fixed – Crocodylus weapon skin missing texture.
      [*=left]Fixed – Some legacy weapon skins missing for the Primary and Secondary shotgun for SASR ops.
      [*=left]Fixed – Volcano and some weapon skins apply to the .44 Mag Semi–auto's scope.
      [*=left]Fixed – Elite Ash Chibi isn't displaying when equipped on Shields.
      [*=left]Fixed – Minor errors in the loadout description of Hibana's Elite skin.
      [*=left]Fixed – Spelling error on Mozzie's badge in bio.

    Ubisoft / Twitter



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Jun 28, 2007
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anyone playing the new april fools weeklong event ?

as a free magic pack i got the fuzzy smoke headgear legendary and than after the 40 drone challenge i got the princess blackbeard challenge headset legendary again :D im set


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Apr 24, 2019
I already bought Year 4 pass of R6. I am just a fan of this game and specially new 2 operators Mozzie and Gridlock. SO which operator do you like most?
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