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  1. Zeus MK

    Want To Sell GTX 1070 - GTX 1070TI - GTX 1080 - RTX 2060 - RTX 3060 - RTX 3060Ti - RTX 3070 - RTX 3080

    Is any of the advertised GPU/s been through mining? Not intending to crap your thread but I think the potential buyer has a right to know considering the current scenario
  2. Zeus MK

    Want To Buy RTX 3050 or 3060 or 3060Ti [Must be under local warranty] - Hand 2 Hand - Karachi Only

    Assalam o alekum. The title describes it all. GPU must be under local warranty. Please contact on 031TWO 865 ZEO120
  3. Zeus MK

    Help Regarding Buying a car

    Indeed. What's the use of a New Daba car that you've got to take to the denter within an year
  4. Zeus MK

    Help Regarding Buying a car

    True. I saw this new on a Denter's garage some months ago. I asked the denter he said "Body gal gai hai nechay se thori piece lagana hai".
  5. Zeus MK

    Help Regarding Buying a car

    Sensible decision. Suzuki just increased the price of swift to 4 mil. Toyota Corolla 5 mil. People are crying and at the same time you'll see and upward spiral in demand. Because no matter if we have to take loan on personal mortgage we will do so to ensure that we have the best vehicle in the...
  6. Zeus MK

    Gigabyte RTX 3070 3X Gaming OC Edition Trio Fans Non Mined Non LHR going cheap!!

    BLAST!!! 3070 Going Ultra Cheap! Reduced to 120K FNF
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