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  • OMG :eek: how will I return 1200 back? :eek: my UBL account is somehow restricted to sending money online :/ well if there will be extra money arrived I'll easypaisa you then :)
    but on my end estatment has only last credit mentioned by 30 OCT which was sent by gameover(pg user) , :/ 1 nov ki ni show hoi , na hi balance change hoa he :/

    what to do in this case? :/
    well estatment tu update weekends pe ni hogi , but balance status usi wakat ho jata he ,
    apke account se total money se deduct ho giya he?

    bcz mera total money status b ni change hoa :/
    still nothing , :/

    are you getting any error or something? I think there is an issue , ni tu IBFT ka status foran show ho jata he :/
    hello , you there ?my status isnt changed yet. ni tu abhi tak ho jata he :/
    bhai me ja rha hon , away from pc :) when you will done the transfer text me or whatsapp me i'll reply the code there :)
    Oh i'm sorry, i'll clear it up ... it's 24.5k as on thread, on our shop it's selling for 25.5k, so pg customers are getting discount
    if it's just a loose wire or minor issue, i could fix it any issue with the speaker drivers or boards will be difficult
    500w will be enough for your pc but on normal overclock so it is recommended that you purchase 600w
    hey bro actually i gave you a key in the form of text
    that is copied from scanned image

    i didnt sent the image bcz i dont know how to send pictures on PG via pm

    if you want that key's scanned photo then tell me i'll send you that photo in ur email id that you gave me :)
    Buddy can you send me the number of DEXTER786. I bought a game from him, and now I want to inform him.
    ok bro
    if you think it is a good deal can you give me a score :unsure:

    and also i need a lil detail about you
    your real name:
    your contact ID:

    m asking it bcz agr future me key revoked hoi tu mery pass record hoga that this person bought from me :)

    and also can you give a lil feedback on my facebook page about this deal :)

    i'll b thank full to you :)
    bro check you inbox i sent you the key :)

    and check it
    if you satisfied with me then gimme a score that you like :)

    and reply me back i need a favor from you :)
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