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  • Happy Birthday, Doc!

    Where have you been? Haven't seen you around in quite a while. :)
    Assalam Alaikum mate,

    I wanted to ask you about your signature for quite some long time but wasn't able to figure out the meaning behind it...

    Why would Keanu want a Human Transformation?
    no better to get small things --no one has the muscle to buy so expensive items --

    bring cheap ssd which sells quickly --90gb etc / or bring stuff which is sought after here ---hdd / rams / ssd / nice sound cards at cheap price
    bhai jaan i was in uni when u sent me sms.. i have sent u a pm of final step regarding gpu.. have u read it?? what are ur plans?
    Sorry for a ton load of VMs.

    I change my mind :hah:

    5 Verbatim Blank Blu-ray Discs 50GB BD-RE DL 2x bluray | eBay

    This one seems to be the best bet with the lowest cost per disk ratio + has a great price overall and free shipping. Wathca think?
    Or better yet, are there any local stores available near you that won't trouble you too much? I've no idea about the system in the States, but these disks weren't available anywhere here :(
    Or, I could go with this. Verbatim Mitsubishi 50GB 2x Speed BD-RE Blu-ray Re-Writable Disk 10 Pack - Ink-jet printable - Each disk in a jewel case: Electronics

    What would the total cost to be incurred be?

    Edit: I think the shipping cost and stuff mounts it a bit too high.

    How about two of these. Verbatim 97536 50 GB 2x Blu-ray Double Layer ReWritable Disc BD-RE DL, 1-Disc Jewel Case: Electronics

    It says eligible for 'free super saver shipping on orders above 25$'. Two of these would cost around 32, so good enough, nay?
    Doc, just read your post.

    I need 2 - 4 BD 50 RE disks. That is, DUAL LAYERED Re-Writable Blu Ray disks. Any chances?
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaar :mad: mere paas credit nahi tha thts why couldnt answer u from my mobile.. main jab aya hoon pc per tum gayab hogai... yaar :(
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