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  • well my favorite games are
    1-max payne 1, max payne 1 on xp
    2-thief 2 (its a bit old game) and thief 3 (both are stealth games)
    3-just cause 1 and 2
    4-need 4 speed most wanted....i did not played carbon or latest H.P yet.
    5-call of duty 4 and black ops.....i didnt played cod-2,5 and 6 yet.
    6-Doom 3....scary as hell ..actually a bit more than hell... a big fan of original mohaa
    8- Far Cry 1,2
    9-Mafia is a bit difficult i.e when driving cars,shooting , very strict police...but i still love the game,great story.
    10-Mafia 2....i just loved it.awesome game.
    11-The.Saboteur...i watched some videos on are like mafia should try this game.
    12-crisis and crisis warhead.
    13-Gta 4...i heard its good btw i didn't liked any previous gta games.
    14-prince of persia-warrior within.....and other pop games.
    15-Assassins Creed
    and the list goes on and on and...
    umm.. after playing fallout 3 i never bothered to find out anything about new vages so i dont know.Google it.
    and you can see video walkthrough on youtube of will know how it looks like.
    bro fallout 3 it self is a troublesome game people who got legal version also get these crashing problems so...i cant say anything and once you start the game you may not like it at all!

    some other solutions
    if you have k-lite codic or fddshadow or a virtual cd drive software than uninstall them.apply 1.7 patch and download crack from or just try to play without the crack.

    and if you want to download it again then download skidrow version.
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