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  • resonance of fate is sold. Mw2 still for sale. plus i have mw3 and black ops 2 season pass for sale.
    it still a hope,ma b found.its not clear for Lost yet.cos due to offload for international shadule,sum packs droped n stuck in midle way.n afetr claim,they fallow it n forward it.n if its lost,then we can get Pre-order bonus then :(
    dude cut me some slack here. Rs. 200 for shipping, that leaves me with 1300. I just accepted your offer for 1500, now your making a lower offer.
    Nah, i am not talking about that comment in particular. I was talking about her general tone these days, which is especially negative towards anything SE. Even though, her original comments after the reveal were OMG EPIC! blah blah. After it was revealed that the series is going MP, her tone suddenly changed. And no, i am not imagining this, i have read most of her posts so i know :p
    NeoGAF - View Single Post - Final Fantasy XV's reveal : Was Square Enix really ready ? Are you happy about it ?

    I find it amusing how the hardcore Versus defender suddenly changes her track after the announcement of FF going Multiplatform :lol:
    I could try uploading on mediafire but it will take a long time at 100-110 kbps + mediafire free account is restricted to 200 MB file size.

    Any other site that you prefer, i can try uploading on it.
    I only have the Mega.cz links unfortunately. I had no problem downloading using them. Why don't you download their plugin and then download using firefox. The only problem is no resume support though,
    Chandoo hates for the purpose of trolling. Remember how hyped he was for XIII-2, even after he played and finished it, lol.
    Gizmo similarly follows Chandoo's path. Meanwhile, he still loves Lighting and XIII :p

    Both are disappointed because it is not coming to their system(360) and we all know they aren't going to buy the next gen systems until they are hacked.

    So i don't think they are really hating the game. Just having fun there. Shyber is genuinely excited for it, so is Magma, Xerlot9 while we all know the taste of sshah :lol:
    CT is really disappointed in the sudden platform jump of SE. So am i. But i am sure that once the game hits and good reviews will roll, he will be playing it as well.
    Same model.dv7-7009tx condition.10/10 send your email address on my cell no.03022629178 ,i,ll send you pix
    that just reserved a while ago,amnt transferred will ship on Monday.model no.hp-dv7-7009tx
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