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  • 3rd month started now,will be giving negative trader rating by monday,pls try to finish the deal before then.
    I came to i8 last week bro,texted you several times,you didnt even reply. Was at IMX warehouse after that and tried to call but wouldnt go through.
    hey mate i just sent u a pm, u didnt replied for it. what happened aint u interested?
    ali bhai i am selling a sony 17 inch corei5 enteritainment laptop / blu ray etc ..

    do u want it

    or sony home theater system

    or sr2
    u have deposited 20k in my account and I will ship u my hp envy 15 1150es tomorrow then u will sent me ur hp pavilion g6 i3 2nd gen 2.2ghz with 4gb ram 500 gb hdd tomorrow as well, we both will send in hand care and we both will give each other 1 week money back check warranty... plz confirm...
    Asus super slim 24 inch hd 2 mn display the ....7 months wrnty - 11/11 condition - @ rs.19900/- for u ...


    have to sell by tommorow
    hi brother which lens do u have which u refered to -- can u send me a sms regarding specs -- i got a 55-200 -- was consdiering a 70-300
    Did not get the drives yet, maybe because its Sunday today, will get'em tomorrow for sure. INSHALLAH.
    I'll let u know when I get'em.
    reserve the 500 one for me I'll buy it.
    Do tell if there is any problem with the lens.
    I can manage/fix the tray issue
    hiya Prizm just read your comment aout selling Hard Disk One Tb...whats your demand plz text me on 03455526619
    hey...yeh i noticed a difference in the quality of the graphics...and in the frames per second...it was quite a bit higher..
    if u can hold n the ram for upto wednesday then i can buy the 2gb module. otherwise if u get the deal done no problem for me :)
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