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  • Heyy man!

    You used to be super active and helpful around the forums. Where've you been!!
    I've lost interest in AC :/. Same problem as GT5, once you get the hang of it, its not a challenge anymore and thats just boring.
    Yeah I saw it too. Thats why I thought I posted a bad time. I saw a 1:45 run on youtube but they are heavily tuned setups, almost cornering like F1 cars.
    Yay. Next is Zonda R at Mugello. My fraps fucks up the framerate else I'd upload the replays too. :(
    I cant see your timings in the friends leaderboard in game. How do I make it work
    OT is made when people actually play a game. Nearly all of the people here take barely any interest in 'making OTs of games'. Most of the time when i play a game which no one has played, then i also find the absence of an OT quite disturbing. But usually i go ahead and make it myself, like i did with Alien Rage, Kill is Dead, Murdered Soul Suspect and SO MANY other games.

    Once i am done downloading and installing GRID:Autosports, i'll definitely make a thread here. But for now, if you are willing to make one, then go ahead. But make sure you know How to make an OT.

    As for its "simulation capabilities", Codemasters is not really known for that (apart from their F1 franchise). Other GRID and DiRT games also never portrayed such capabilities, so i am not sure if those are to be believed. Still, i'll definitely post my detailed impressions once i have it in my PC.
    I have never missed a racing game in my life, brother. Hell yeah, i am gonna play the shizzness out of it. Right now, Transformers is downloading, and after that GRID:Autosports will be in the list.

    If you want to download it, make sure you download the Black Edition DLC, as well as HD Texture pack ... which you'll have to get separately. RELOADED's release don't have these.
    You bought keys from origin ? So the link i posted in my last msg, the prices there are not for keys ? And for Dvds or something ?
    I'll contact you In sha Allah. For now I'll slowly transfer the data to a portable HDD just in case. Exams nay mat maari hui hay. :p
    But the error showed up at one place only. *sigh* :( I have exams coming up. I'll take out some time and make a thread. I don't understand why all the new manufactured stuff is crap. :mad:
    I scanned all the HDD. When it was done I re-scanned that sector where it was showing the error. It showed the error at almost the same place. Here is the image. Now what should I do? I'll also share the scanning speed image.
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