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  • Hey, I have just cleared my mod E exams this feb . Need your advice on books to study for BFD, Tax, Audit and Mac.

    I remember that you said somewhere that you studied from CFA books for BFD? Was it useful and which books did you refer to?
    That makes me wonder if there are credible, updated resources (free/cheap) out there that will enable me to get the job done on my own without the assistance of a mentor next session. You think that's possible? Could you quote any?

    Since these so-called mentors are rip=offs, a teacher recommended privately working through a Bachelors (be it BA/B.Com) and sit the exams after 6 months since she believes that won't be an issue for me. That kinda baffles me because BA isn't even close to the kind of content we study in the ACCA. B.Comm might be closer but the course spans 2 years for a reason, I thought. How could I possibly finish it in 6 months on my own and sit the exams? Perhaps that's why she suggested BA in the first place. Then again, that won't exactly say much about my skills if I combine that with my ACCA.
    Hello, alamode. I have been asking this around so I thought you would also be the right person to ask for assistance in this regard.

    I will be attempting my final 3 ACCA papers next month, Inshallah. I just wanted to ask you if OBU degree is still worth a shot if my marks for the required fundamental exams average in the early 60s? Would it be a good idea to try and acquire the degree, regardless of what class I achieve (first, upper, lower, third) or should I only proceed if I am certain I will be able to achieve first or upper class?

    The institute where I study, the so-called mentors are rather poor with their own reading and writing skill so I don't suppose they will do a good job at actually 'mentoring' me. I bet a good amount of fee is charged by institutions for this kind of stuff so if I add this fee to what ACCA charges me, I am easily looking at an expense of Rs. 1 lac.

    I hope you are doing well. I came here with a question, hoping you could hlp me with it.

    Firstly, does ACCA allow sitting professional exams (P2 and P3 ONLY) for students who have cleared all but 2 Fundamental exams (F6 and F9)? Secondly, I can't find any good trainers for paper P3 in my locality, so are you of the opinion that this particular paper is easy enough to be attempted on one's own (using OpenTuition notes and video lectures along with Kaplan Study Text and Exam Kit)? Thirdly, should I be attempting or, more appropriately, will I be allowed to attempt the thesis for OBU BSc degree once ALL​ Fundamental exams have been cleared?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards.
    Sir I am also bit interested in ACCA and I have cleared mod A and just about to clear mod b this autumn and I started CA after inter (as you know) so what you think should I go for ACCA and than ICAEW as its a safe thing no chances of stucking as compared to CA .And please tell me in how many years an average student can clear ACCA and how much time is required through FIA route.

    ps: I am not facing difficulty in ca but not menally satisfied due to uncertain future and a lot of failure stories in ca...

    thanks in advance :)
    EnY kia bakwas hai. M yfriends who are NOT affiliates got calls ... while I didnt .. and a first attempter friend did not either.

    Or do they have more than one test ? :/
    how much did xerpia cost u ? im thinking about buying it too. what are your reviews about it. hows the camera ? :D
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