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  • I heard you were coming LHR this month. So any plans? I might go ahead with meetup plan if you are in :)
    hmm.. yeah yeh to hai.... it was only irfan bhai and me for a long while abhi recently.... roz roz legendary gear ke chakkar mein atay thay, khwar hotay thay, aur chalay jatay thay :D now they're making drops better, so hopefully farming will be more fun now..... time milay to ana... ab to AH bhi band horha hai and legendaries bhi account bound... warna irfan bhai aur mein ne 2-3 bandon ko gear up karwaya hai.... won't be able to do that with you sadly....
    hi there, can u give me a rough idea how much can we earn in a day by using gpu based bit coin mining
    hey jayzzy
    i wanna download some latest titles like far cry 3 n AC 3

    is any of your site active? from where i can download games :)

    So you using your laptop? And did you manage to bring your case with you or have you bought a new one?
    How's england bro? How you doing? :D
    BTW Out of all places you had to go to Luton? Did you go for studying? IF you did you should've gone to Sheffield.

    You once wrote
    Verifying using SCB is a piece of cake it will be done in 5 days max u will get a code in ur statement u enter in AP account and its done

    to withdraw u have to use the bank wire option as they have disabled the DEBIT card withdrawl many months ago , i used to avail that service before but now its disabled

    I wanted to ask. Is SCB debit card working for verification of payza?

    I tried validating my card but nothing happened. It gave me an error after a few seconds to contact my bank. I contacted bank and they said that it was error at their side. Can you please explain this in detail?

    You lost me back there :p

    Inshaa'Allah agar main janay se pehlay aya to mil lunga bhai tension kyun leta hai
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    faraany3k faraany3k: Just finished Diablo 4 season in hurry to play Fallout 4 but gamepass released another banger in...