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    RTX 3080 availability in Pakistan?

    Hmm perhaps in this case , you may be right ... but i'm sure they won't just let a product die or be faulty because they probably spent millions on getting it to the consumer ... That would really hurt them. Best guess, they're going to mod the bios by updating drivers , which is fine for me ...
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    Planning to get Nvidia's RTX 30 series ?

    Agreed...I was researching the power draw earlier ... you basically just hit the mark perfectly except for one thing ... people are also reporting that 750watt bronze PSU's work pretty much exceptionally for the 3080s with a Ryzen 5 to Ryzen 7 processor. 3600 to 3700X.
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    Want To Sell Quality PC Parts Available in Best Price

    Finial for Patriot P210 512GB SSD --&-- XPG Gammix S5 1TB 3D NAND M.2 NVMe
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    RTX 3080 availability in Pakistan?

    Great info anyone have any more updates on this? As a side note ... there are a lot of confirmed reports that people now need to underclock and undervolt their 3080s to about 95% so that the card doesn't crash the game and jump to the desktop, by people I mean those who were able to buy the...
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    Planning to get Nvidia's RTX 30 series ?

    Geforce RTX 3080s are crashing to desktop after they reach a certain core clock and apparently the board partners have acknowledged this too.
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    3080 Reviews are out

    The reviews are out it has been released in the US but the big thing is that it sold out in less than 10 minutes of it being avialable so i'm pretty sure even in the US and Taiwan it is atleast 2 weeks away from being available.
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    Want To Sell Ps4 Games Cheap - Dark Sould 3 + Tekken 7 + Tales of Beseria + Others.

    Selling games cheap: The following physical games: Tales Of Berseria - SOLD! TEKKEN 7 - SOLD! 3 GAMES REMAINING: Dark Souls 3 - Rs.2000 Overwatch Origins Edition - Rs. 2000 Battlefield 1 - Rs 1000 Prefer H2H exchange. Contact: 033four5444one87 (watsapp and calls only) Prices Final. No...
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