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  • assalam-o-alikum umar2050
    dude still waiting to sell rams... waiting for ur response
    frankly speaking i need money that y sellin it do let me know asap
    Assalam-o-alikum umar2050
    please confirm abt our deal is confirm or not so that i can close the thread.
    Gulshan-E-Iqbal FedEx:

    Shop #2,
    Shelzone Centre,
    Block 15,
    KDA Scheme 15,
    Main University Road.

    Tel: 34979763
    I download PAL games quite rarely. Only EA games. Others are region free but I don't sell em.
    Hey! so howz NBA LIVE 09 ....Possibly not good as NBA 2K9..

    I am eagerly waiting to have my hands on NHL 09...so what about you

    what are you nowadays playing?
    Did you bought Blitz The League II from karchi saddar

    and for which version
    ive used MELODY and SONY...both are for 150 rs. from defence karachi , but i am sure if u buy them from saddar they will be cheaper...these both work just fine for me , mashallah ive never got a dirty disc error.
    yeah , mines a toshiba too. Ive burned sevral games with it...worked just fine. It might be the software that ur using...or may be something else...khair, m glad it worked out alright for u :)
    I read your post on shayan bhai's visitor wall...

    yes , laptop burners work , i burn my games from my laptop and they work likea charm , it might be the disc that you are using or may be a problem with your burner , it may not be compatible with a DVD+R DL discs.

    Also use the correct software to burn your discs XBC 2.6 works perfect, i found it for download through one of shayan bhai's own posts with a tutorial and i never needed any other guidence or software, maybe he can provide u a link to his post. or just straight up search for it in the XBOX360 section.

    If its the disc thats causing te problem , use MELODY and SONY...ive found these both to work besides the verbatim discs...hope this helps and rest shayan bhai can clearify.

    P.S i hope u dont mind shayan bhai :p
    Yaar any e-market site or online price check site for xbox 360 in ksa?
    i know e-haraj but no use from there...
    12x is default. Use whatever you want. Try multiple speeds until you find one that suits your fancy.

    I haven't tested 12x but i have heard that it makes more noise than 8x but loading time i think is faster on 12x.
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