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    The fascination of an MBA and yes there is IBA.

    My bros , Greetings. Since there is dearth of platforms in Pakistan to have an intelligible dialogue, let's settle here The yearning to do MBA, recently there has been a burgeoning enrollment in MBA programs, these MBA schools have been popping out like zanac pills, just take a left turn every...
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    Ayn rand

    I need them in print - i need to get atlas shrugged - i have it in ebook already
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    Platinum Century 3776 Black- Fine nib

    Sold outside PG - Danke schone
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    Platinum Century 3776 Black- Fine nib

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    Platinum Century 3776 Black- Fine nib

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    Want To Sell Inoxcrom 55 mod - Made in Spain

    王先生 你是我的老师吗
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    Want To Sell Inoxcrom Sevilla - Made in Spain 23K gold Plated

    王先生 你是我的老师吗
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    Platinum Century 3776 Black- Fine nib

    mocheten sie mit mir etwas essen bitte ?
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    Where to buy Legit gold and Silver bars in khi ?

    i intend to purchase gold / silver bars for investment purposes. I haven't had any luck yet in khi, only option is Ary but no body gives a shit about them outside pak. So if anyone knows a good place . please apprise . danke schone
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    Financial literacy - Introduction to investment in Silver/ (May be Gold)

    One of the most important books i ever read was rich dad poor dad, its one of the most important books ever written, its a must read for everyone. In Pakistan there is this new rave of hipster Islamic banks , debt based banking in a cloak- now why would i rott my income in a meezan bank current...
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    Amazon orders and custom duty (how accurate amazon estimates are)

    Bro you can have it delivered, it will reach here at it will be inspected at pak customs, now I don't know if it is considered a luxury item or not, because the custom duties go from 40 % (perfumes ) to 300%.i ordered a simple pen from ali express , the net cost was 1000 rs , I ended up paying...
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    Core i3 (2nd generation) , 500 + GB HDD, 2 GB Ram, Dell 21 inch LCD + accessories

    黑心食物, 不健康 , 你应该吃健康 的东西
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    Want To Sell Inoxcrom Zepplin fountain pen - Made in Spain

    真的说, 我的猫很胖
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