Terms And Conditions


1. Make a proper management plan, experiment before hand.
2. Ask Players to add their team to their in-game name. (MUST if it is possible)
3. Assign team based on time/slot. (If needed)
4. Guidelines are a MUST for managing matches DURING the tournament.
5. Universal Terms and Services that applies to all tournaments, No exception.
6. Only provide official PG Channels for player-gathering.
7. Try to get as much community exposure as you can during the FIRST day of showdown.
8. Assume planning with errors in mind. (Lack of players, technical issue, timing, interest)
9. Ensure transparency of your decisions and changes to build trust.


1. Split your players between different communication Platforms.
2. Feel over-enthusiastic/synchronized about events or other members.
3. Provide compensation without equal treatment.
4. Management without a proper back-channel between all managing personnel.
5. Be sympathetic to players.
6. Change default game settings.
7. Allow sexist, racist, violent and egoistical behavior.


Terms and Condition and Code of Conduct

You accept these terms and conditions when you sign up for the tournaments held under R/SPWN.

Condition's for you to follow:

1. You will not make any changes to the game/software when playing in the tournaments.
(This includes changing textures, HUD, default client settings, macros, and/or usage of multi-monitor setup, scripts, injectors, hotkeys, and glitches/bugs)
2. You will not argue or try to change the results of the game through any means.
3. You will not stream the tournament without proper permission from the management.
4. You are not eligible to a refund if you don't want to participate in the tournaments.
5. You are not eligible to amend your registration/team once it has been made without a legitimate reason.
6. You will respect each and every player in the tournaments.
7. You will show respect to management decisions and plans.
8. To be patient when issues with tournament arise.
9. To be an adult, or have guardian's permission.

R/SPWN's right to do the following:

1. To terminate the tournament.
2. To disqualify a player due unruly behavior/cheating/breach of terms.
3. To withhold payment for a legitimate reason.
4. To make changes to the held tournaments.
5. To refuse a refund to entrance fee.
6. Change the date and time of tournaments.

R/SPWN is not responsible for the following:

1. You not being on time.
2. Your internet being wonky.
3. Your performance issues.
4. Timezone differences.

R/SPWN Entrance Fee:

R/SPWN Entrance fee is required to be able to partake in tournaments.
This ensures that only serious and willing players will join the competition,
as well the survival of this community-driven endeaver.
We have no backers, and we have no sponsors. We are alone.
The only way to to keep providing you with quality tournaments and prizepool,
An Entrance Fee is nessescery.

Memberships have yet to be implemented.
P.S. Entrance fee is non-refundable after final acceptance date.

Penalties for Rule Breakers:

Everything will follow a two-step penalty irrespective of the rule broken with an additional third.
First, The player or the team captain will be warned.
2nd,The player will be disqualified.
Third, The entire team will be disqualified.

The Decisions made by R/SPWN are final.
They are carefully discussed amongst the peers to bring you the best results.
Once they have been made, No changes are to be made!
Except for ones that have been given an extra option which will be shared within the community.