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Zotac T500 240GB TLC SSD Review

by nafu on 1st August 2016



Zotac is working in PC market since 2006 and collaboratively have extensive market share in Graphics cards and Mini PCs. While we have seen SSD market have grown with plenty of brands and product, Zotac make their way into SSD market by introducing low cost and performance drives few years back. Its actually not a fame name that we can associate with SSD product line, but Zotac expanded their product line in recent year with the induction of Zotac 240GB Premium SSD and now with the continuation their newer version SSD launched.

Today the SSD in Bench we have is Zotac T500 240GB 2.5” SATA III – ZTSSD A5P 240G – arrives in market with lots of hope. Featuring S10 Phison S1130 controller renown as potent and fierce tech, have seen previously in several fame SSDs such as Corsair Neutron XT, Kingston Savage, patriot ignite and OCZ Trion 100. In addition, this zotac released comprises with A19nm TLC NAND flash, TRIM and SMART promise to consume low power and deliver Performance up to or closer to Samsung EVO, if not better.

Furthermore, Zotac SSD are standout from other drives in the market like patriot, Corsair and Kingston due its low cost and compatible performance gear. With the specified Specs, and potent Controller, it certainly not impossible to do that. However, will it really perform better than the other performance giant currently controlling the market. well it’s yet to reveal. Find out in our Review.

Zotac T500 mainly comes in three different capacities T500 120GB, T500 240GB and T500 960GB. All powered by same S10 Phison Controller to deliver better real world performance.


Packaging and The Drive







The package I received apparently not rich in accessories. Zotac with its historical yellowish look on the box. Upon opening the box, I found Rear packing, manual, a warranty card and 4 screws. So unlike Kingston, this product barely have more accessories.

Drive itself is 2.5” build at 7mm thickness, the dimension suggesting it’s a laptop compatible drive, which is a plus. The Drive is fully steel body, Branding logo at top, while base comprises with sticker having information regarding drive. Inside the Drive, S10 Phison labelled on controller chip along with Nanya 256MB DDR3 cache specifically used to deliver effective performance out of the box.

Test Setup

This review is testing on 4th Generation platform with latest firmware and up to date drivers.

test setup

Synthetic Benchmark

This phase of testing process includes various benchmarks which will help verifying the true Read and Write speed performance of SSD. all benchmarks will take sequential, 4K accompanied with assessing the Access time of this Drive.

  1. AS SSD Benchmark
  2. AS SSD Copy Benchmark
  3. Crystal DiskMark
  4. Anvil’s Pro
  5. HD Tune Pro


AS SSD Read 2

As SSd benchmark write speed



As SSD access time 2

as ssd overall score 2

as ssd copy 2

cdm read


cdm read 2

anvil's pro test 2

hd tune pro 125 data


The drive bench through several synthetic benchmarks, it did outperform its counterparts in AS SSD specifically on Read side in sequential tests have achieved 526.47 MB/s while in 4K process it gained 391 MB/s. On the other hand, this drive falling behind in Crystal DiskMark to Kingston Savage by noticeable difference. Overall this drive didn’t disappoint in read scenario, it manages to show excellent sequential read ratio and perform more than the expectations.

Real World Testing

SSD may pass the synthetic test, but real world testing is different yet extremely competitive which reflect the real potential out of the box. For real world performance testing, few processes and applications are used to identify the access and transfer rate of drive. In addition, few other drives will also be used to make things a lot more interesting.

  1. Boot Test – Windows 7 x64
  2. Virus Scan – Kaspersky
  3. File Compression Test – WinRAR
  4. File Search Test – Windows Folder only

boot test 2

virus scan 2

winrar 2

file search 2


  • $73.99 at Newegg
  • Rs. 8400 PKR at Pakdukaan
  • Excellent Read Speed
  • Excellent Price
  • S10 Phison High Performance controller
  • Availability
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Low Accessories
  • Average Write Speed

Starts with Build Quality, which is undoubtedly solid as common in Zotac’s product line. A metal body stand it different in the market unlike other cheap build drives. The design resembles with Samsung black body and branding logo on the top. Well, it definitely looks cool if not fancy. Black Solid build, accompanied with S10 phison controller and Toshiba 19nm TLC NAND, a potent performance package.

Benching results shows speedy performance bypassing Kingston hyperx and fury in real world testing. While spending hours on testing this newly launched SSD, didn’t disappoint me. However, write speed’s lacks potential. Read sequential result is right upto mark as advertised by Zotac. Upon comparison, the end results turned out quite impressive knowing the fact that they just enter the SSD market starts off with high performance and low cost drive.

Let’s come to price which feels much more impressive besides speedy read sequential and 4k. Zotac T500 240G is available at only $73.99 at newegg, with that price point it stand out fairly better in SSD market, also undercutting market’s performance Kingston hyperX savage SSD. In Pakistan its pricing fairly minimum and lowest to Kingston Savage 240GB, which really putting Zotac T500 240GB in much more worthy spot. For those, who looking for high performance out of the box without pressurizing their wallet, Zotac’s T500 240G is definitely worth it.


REcommended and value Award

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