Thermaltake Core V51 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

by nafu on 18th August 2016
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It’s been years, since Thermaltake contributing in Computer case industry. They have manufactured some top notch PC Cases, that are currently available in mainstream market helped increasing their market share in PC. Few years back, thermaltake inducted core V series PC case which now  more in talking.

Thermaltake introduces Core V51 after its flagship V71. Which offers a good value for money, while the market competition is prestigious. For instance, we can also see the NZXT cases, have already been penetrated to the market leading from several years. For Thermaltake cases, Price and features is all what they need to tackle to stay active in the market, which they did in the form of Core V51 and V71.

Today, we are reviewing Thermaltake Core V51 Case. A Mid-Tower mainstream specifically build for Enthusiast users. Featuring numerous Cooling options for users who want more space yet better cooling structure for internal components. They give this Core V51 case a special touch to its Cooling capacity. The case fan support is extended from 120mm to 200mm while for CPU it support up to 420mm Radiators or if users tend to use Complete Loop liquid cooling. This is surely the desirous package for Enthusiasts.

Features and Specification

specs new




I received the Case in a complete box packed shape. Inside, the case is covered with hard foam to enhance protection against any possible damage during transit.  When opened it, there are accessories includes zip ties, Screws for installing fans, motherboard and drives. There is also a bracket located inside the package, which actually used to install Radiator of 360/420mm at front.  Following up the package, it also contain a Manual as usual with PC case.

Thermaltake Core V51 Mid-Tower – Exterior


The case itself is more like a Steel Mesh Body. The case is portraying a traditional look like other PC cases. The Front is flat until the top or down which are curved backward.  The front face-plate which is removable is plastic.


The front panel have Audio/Microphone port, a RESET button next to it and a HDD LED residing beside it. While POWER button at middle. Following with 2x 3.0 USB ports. The Front panel is non Steel actually. Under Front panel, you can see 2x removable 5.25” Bays. Which will used in installing DVD ROM or DVD Writer. Meanwhile they can also be used for water reservoir. Well only enthusiast can understand how valuable these extra ports/spaces are.


Rear side, contain 8 expansion slots for PCIe and PCI devices. While at bottom mount PSU fitting. At top 3 round big holes for water tube pas through, each covered with rubbers. In addition, we can see many other small holes which are used in balancing ventilation system or pulls heat out of case


The case with one rear fan preinstalled featuring 1000rpm and 16dba. It’s a 140mm full black fan with fully sleeved wire connection.



On the top of Case, you have flexible magnetic dust filter which comes off without any effort. The magnetic strip attached on sides of filter which easily attachable to steel. Underneath, many holes located, accommodate specifically to radiators up to 420mm. while there are cooling options for cooling fans up to 200mm on top.



The bottom is simple all about dust filters. Featuring in and out dust filter slides. While the backside is easily slide out, the front is little different, in fact you can only slide out the dust filter by pulling out the front faceplate. Which seems a bit of hassle but you never need to squeeze out in quick succession of time.

Thermaltake Core V51 – Interior


new 2

The interior of the case is black all the way. On the backside, there are 4-5 holes for cable to pass through with grommet. While you can see a pass at top for 4/8 CPU Pin on motherboard. The Motherboard tray can be seen at back which accommodate user to swap the CPU coolers without removing the motherboard. The case support Mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX and Extended ATX motherboards. 5 pass through holes with grommet used for clean end cable management



A case with more modular options for HDD Bay are always consider substantial build. Here in this case, you have modular hard drive bays of 3.5” and 2.5”. The Tool-free five hard drive bays are connected with screws inside and back side of case. Since they are modular the whole cage can come off by unscrewing it. There two different set of hdd cages. One contain 2 hard drives while other one can hold 3 hard drive maximum. Hard drives at bottom can easily be moved up if you want to mount the radiator at bottom.DSCN0681

Furthermore, The Top HDD Cage can easily be removed in order to install the longer Graphics card like 310mm or more than 13 inches card. This Case featuring compatibility for longest graphics card ever made for gaming.


The bottom is supported with ATX PSU with support up to 220mm and space for 2x120mm fans.

Thermaltake Core V51 : Cooling




Core V51 is especially design for PC enthusiast who are mind freak in modding and liquid cooling sort of stuff. With up to 420mm Radiator support this case allows you to mount your cooling solution to 3 different parts of case. The top as usual, depending your preference you can also mount it at front. In addition, the bottom of the case also an option for user to mount Radiator. Which is fantastic design.


For Cooling Fans, at Top you can mount 3x120mm Fans, 2x 140mm and 1x 200mm fan. Similar goes for front side of case. At rear you can add 1x 120/140mm fans. At bottom up to 2x 120mm fan can be installed for proper airflow.






I used my previous Rig and started assembling the Case. Motherboard is ATX which used almost full mobo space except the few inches left. Which suggesting this case can easily handle Extended ATX however with very tight ends. The width never will be in matter case is too wide that any mobo can get in easily. Anyways, due to non-availability of Radiator and Liquid cooling solution, I decided to use my favorite Cooler Master V6GT as CPU cooler. It took me around 2 hours to assemble the whole Rig. 30 minutes for simple installation and remaining hour spent on playing with cables aka cable management.



Wait one last phase left is temperature testing. Of course you should know what this case can deliver. In addition, I am also comparing the temperature results with my former Champion CM 690 II Mid-Tower.

Special Thanks To Rafay22 for Providing Photography Equipment.


Test Setup

test setup

Program used in Testing Thermals

  • RealTemp
  • HWinfo
  • Prime95

First, I  test the Temperatures of Hard drive, Motherboard and CPU at load and idle. While CPU was on Default clocks.The results are here

temperature test

Now after comparing the results of both Chassis i:e CM 690 II and Core V51 we get following data.


Well the difference between the CM 690 II and Core v51 is minor in terms of HDD, MB and CPU thermals. Unfortunately, Graphics card is not available in my rig which left some part of testing incomplete. But from above result you will get the idea of cooling performance.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion



  • Endless Cooling Options
  • Spacious Inside
  • Extended ATX Motherboard Support
  • Support up to 420mm Radiator
  • High Modular Segment


  • I don’t See Any

Start off with design. Well after reviewed this case, I can now sum up more than just satisfy. Core V51 Mid Tower Case is aesthetically design for Extreme Users. Featured endless mounting cooling configuration in one box is simply fantastic. Some said, the radiator options it approved is ridiculously too much. Oh Yes, It is as with too many options, this traditional case is outstanding and to be honest this case is ALL-IN-ONE Package for Modders and Enthusiast

Build quality is simply based on SPCC steel most part of body is steel while I only experience the front face-plate is have bits of plastic on which covered with steel as well. PSU placement is somehow little different but it has space to mount a bigger PSU like 220mm units easily. For cable management is by far not the best option we have seen but still delivers very good results equates its counterparts like Corsair 600T.  But it’s only one thing out of many good points.

Side window is “Plexiglas” covered almost full panel, which i haven’t seen on many other mid Tower Cases. While Having Window on side panel shows Component inside installed, and if you have a cool rig inside with proper cable management it definitely increase the beauty of your whole Rig. Especially for Enthusiast with Water cooled components, nothing better than that in this price. This Window add up a huge plus for Core V51.  However, the Glass is easily scratches, i am afraid manufacturer did even consider making a scratch resistant window panel.. It’s easily scratched, a slight move of nail can easily mark a scratch on it. So user must be very careful while removing the window.

The Cooling and Space inside Case is extremely good. Top front and bottom are full with cooling options and compatibility. Thermaltake didn’t compromise on space. With configuration options 120mm, 140mm and 200mm case fans it best any case could afford.  What actually users wanted is a clean and good airflow and this case has done fantastically great. The case is really quite, well it depends on your need, at standard fan speed it’s like sleep mode.

The case accommodate almost any Graphics card but by un-mounting the top HDD cage. Which certainly not a big deal at all. Why not it be futuristic then?

After evaluated all these points, I would say that Thermaltake had hit the mark for this fierce performer very well and surely a good competitive product without any noticeable drawbacks.


REcommended and value Award 3

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