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Patriot Blast 240GB SSD Review

by AbbY on 16th September 2015
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Patriot Memory, or more commonly, just ‘Patriot’ is an America based company that, as the name suggests, focuses primarily on memory components. Delivering high quality components since 1985, they finally have representation in Pakistan through a local distributor. They make premium flash memory, RAM and solid-state drives. Only recently, they’ve expanded their produce to include cell-phone accessories such as wireless chargers, screen protectors and phone cases.



Packaging and The Drive

download (6)

The drive is packed up neatly in a box which outlines salient features on the top. A plastic cut-out window show-cases the top of the drive.

download (7)

download (8)

The bottom of the box has addresses and contact information of 3 of their offices. Unnecessary, as such, but could save you trouble in the rare case that you need to contact them.

download (9)

download (10)

Inside the box is the SSD, securely placed inside a plastic shell. Along with this, a manual, of sorts, is present. The shell provides protection to the drive whilst being easily openable without any special tools.

download (11)

The drive is hosted inside a slick, neatly painted black metal shell. The lightweight drive definitely has a ‘premium’ touch and feel to it.

download (12)

A rather new thing for me with this drive was the lack of screws securing the metal shell. I tried opening the drive to see the architecture behind the magnificent drive but could not manage that without the risk of ruining the entire thing. Two of the clips that seemingly lock in are visible around the connectors. These run through on all sides, neatly hidden inside the case.

A special thank you to DSM1 for providing us with a testing sample of the drive. He is a Premium Seller on PakGamers and is the dealer of Patriot in Pakistan, admist an array of other brands.


The same Windows image was used for a fair result. For comparisons sake, another popular drive, a 256GB Transcend 370 SSD was added. Both drives were completely blank and brand new at the time the tests were conducted. All tests were carried out 5 times, and a mean mark was taken. Test results with standard deviation of more than 4% were discarded and further tests were conducted. Test results with graphs and charts were also conducted 5 times, and the results were compared. The three closest results were shortlisted of which one, the median result, was chosen.

AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is a utility that measures sequential and random read/write operations as well as the access times for each operation. This tool also gives an overall ‘score’ to the test unit based on each of the operations carried out. This tool lets you choose the transfer size you want to test. All tests were carried out on the ‘1 GB’ preset.

download (13)

download (14)

download (15)

download (16)

ATTO Benchmark

The ATTO Benchmark measures storage performance with various transfer sizes and test lengths for reads and writes. Instead of testing at different data size presets, it tests and reports on numerous data sizes, thus saving you the trouble.

download (17)

download (18)

Crystal DiskMark Benchmark

Possibly the most common utility for testing the performance of storage devices, Crystal Disk Mark lets you monitor Sequential and 4K read/write speeds for various data presets. The ‘1 GB’ preset is used in testing, throughout. Queue Data – 32 results are used.

download (19)

download (20)



  • Rs. 9600 at PakDukaan.com


  • Price
  • Excellent read speed
  • Great access times
  • Low DOA rate
  • 3 year warranty


  • Average write speeds
  • No accessories with the drive
  • Poor packaging

Summing up, for the price, paired with a whopping 3 year warranty, the Patriot Blast 240GB is certainly one of the best drives you can buy in Pakistan. Driven by a quad-core Phison S10 controller, this drive almost maxes out the SATAIII hardware limitation. The read speeds were definitely up to the advertised mark, but the write speeds disappointed.

Additionally, the drive was bundled with no accessories, and barring printing on the box, it looked as if it were an OEM product. At the very least, the drive should’ve been wrapped in an anti-static bag. Some mounting screws and perhaps a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adapter would’ve been a nice touch to an almost premium product.

Regardless, for what it’s worth, at Rs. 9600 shipped, the Patriot Blast 240GB is a stellar performer and is definitely recommended!


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