[PakGamers Update 5 ] S.Vs and more

by nanow on 19th October 2015

Dear PG,

Another quick update :

1) We are sad to see Ottoman and Blastwave leave us after a great number of years of service. They have stepped down on their own due to personal commitments.
Their contribution has shaped PG in unaccountable ways and for that we are all very thankful. I hope their activity doesn’t suffer too much and can still help us going strong in the right direction
we will always listen to their input in matters. They are a model for all new members to follow in dedication, commitment and leadership.

2) Due to the large gap now left, we are obviously going to need new blood in. For that we have already started to monitor a number of users for s.v position (so we can decide on who to pass on modship and global modship)
We would encourage users who feel they deserve a chance to send in their applications to me directly aswell.

3) As a part of the above announcement; @manigamer (for his years of unaltered service to this platform) has been promoted to Global Moderator.

Also we welcome @Majawar / @frazgta / @uOsama as Supervisors ..We will be looking for at least 2 more people to join them

4) We feel that to keep true to our core values, some adjustment and refinement is necessary in how the forum is. For this we will be rearranging a few sections and dissolving a few subsections to make for a more
gaming-centric platform.

5) Also we will have some exciting news in upcoming month, so look out for that..

Have a great day,

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