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Jul 17, 2008
NETRONiX- GIKI presents the most awaited 9th All-Pakistan Uber.gameX 2013 including HACKTRiX, with total prize money worth 150,000 (PKR), and an all new set-up and featuring the best gamers from across Pakistan with gaming, E-nights and Networking workshops.

Uber.gameX, called by its abbreviation UgX, is one of the most awaited and prestigious E-gaming marathon of Pakistan, and its also one of the largest gaming tournament organized in the country. Games included this UgX are CS 1.6, DotA, CoD 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Iron Fist, NFS:MW and FIFA 13.

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Event Coordinator: Hamza Ahmed - 03326065243
Liaison Subhead: Shayaan Tanwir - 03325263254

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