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Jan 19, 2007
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Release Date: TBA
Number of players: 1-2 (online: up to 16)
Genre: Racing
Rating: "E"

A Revolution In Racing.

Gran Turismo returns with the most realistic and complete racing experience. An unprecedented collection of over 1000 jaw-dropping cars, complete with robust online racing and community features, and just about every style of racing imaginable--all in Gran Turismo's signature cutting-edge graphics.

Key Features:
  • Build a dream collection from over 1000 of the world's most exciting cars, from exotic imports to muscle cars and performance supercars, to customize, race, and upgrade.
  • Experience a wealth of racing styles and events, including road, rally, drift and NASCAR.
  • Expand the Gran Turismo experience with deep and robust online community features, and challenge friends in the new custom race lobby system for the ultimate track day.
  • The most advanced Gran Turismo yet, featuring unrivaled graphics and a true-to-life driving feel.
Gran Turismo 5 Feature List


* A first for the franchise, vehicles will now show real-time damage and wear that reflect the driver's treatment of the car. Cars will collect dirt (and can be washed at car washes) and will feature adaptive and accurate body deformation and performance damage based on point of impact and velocity (on select vehicles).

* Additional graphic touchups that add to the realism include smoke from tires, sparks that fly from vehicle rollovers, and dirt accumulation.

* Brand new vehicle physics engine that replaces the engine from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, making the action more realistic than ever.

* PlayStation Eye camera features that add a new level of detail to the game, including face tracking for looking around the interior of vehicles while in the interior dash view.


* More than 1000 licensed cars, including those representing racing organizations from around the globe such as NASCAR, World Rally Championship, Super GT and more.

* More than 20 tracks with more than 70 variations featuring famous world circuits and real-world city locales.

* Arcade mode lets players take in the stunning tracks and environments of Gran Turismo 5 alone or with a friend in split-screen two-player mode.

* The fan-favorite career mode returns with a full world map, licensed car dealerships, tuning and body shops, and car washes. Start your car collection, customize them to your liking, and live the life of a pro racer.

* Compete in franchise mainstays like point-based Championship Race series and hone your skills with License Tests.

* Gran Turismo TV Video gives players access to an online clearinghouse of great motorsport video programming (both HD and SD - all broadcast quality) through PLAYSTATION Network. Users can now export this content to the GT PSP Museum (GT PSP required).


* Photo Mode and Photo Album allows users to capture their greatest GT moments, and share with friends. Players can stage and capture stylish shots from a number of angles and locations.

* Photo Album can be shared online, and the Online Replay Album lets players capture replay video from their favorite races and upload them to YouTube for the world to see.

* Players can create custom soundtracks from music stored on their PS3s to play in-game.


* Online racing evolves in Gran Turismo 5 with robust racing options that are shaping up to deliver the deepest online racing experience available.

* Players can join in on public races featuring up to 16 players at once with text and voice chat, or host private races with lobbies supporting up to 32 players per lobby.


* Players who own Gran Turismo PSP and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue can transfer cars unlocked in that game directly to their garage in Gran Turismo 5 for use in Arcade Mode through special cross-talk interoperability.

* Gran Turismo 5 will feature full PSN Trophy support, making players' accomplishments that much more satisfying.

Excitement Only Possible With 3D
Spoiler: show

Two new cutting-edge features set Gran Turismo 5 apart from the competition: full 3D stereoscopic gaming support, and face tracking support. Using 3D stereoscopic television like the Sony 3D BRAVIA series with 3D glasses, users can experience an even deeper immersion into the Gran Turismo's racing simulation like never before.

The other major feature is a unique face tracking function using the USB PlayStation®Eye camera attached to the PlayStation®3. By utilizing facial recognition through the PLAYSTATION®Eye, players can move their face to the left and right to move the in-game field of vision while driving in a race.

3D and face tracking are both attractive features by themselves, but combined together, they make the world of Gran Turismo 5 an even richer place. By moving your face parallel to the screen, you can change your point of view (field of view), adding to the immersive feeling that you are driving inside the car.

Driving, Gathering, and Interacting
Spoiler: show

Gran Turismo 5 will take full advantage and push the boundaries of online gaming.
A multitude of features will be implemented into the online portion of Gran Turismo 5. Here are just some of the features recently revealed.

Races and Track DaysFirst and foremost is the Race. In addition to the random matchmaking race events, as seen in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, players can now gather their closest friends and acquaintances, specify their own race rules, and custom tailor their racing experience to their own personal tastes.
And of course racing isn’t the only thing players can do in these custom race lobbies. People can drive freely on the track and have fun, just like a day at the track. Players can try to shave their lap times down, teach each other how to drive, drift, or master advanced techniques, or just enjoy drifting together. The possibilities for these private lobbies are endless.
Spectator ModeIf you're not quite up to racing on one particular day, or if you just want to watch how a really skilled player race live, the Spectator mode is the perfect solution. You can watch other users driving live in real-time, as they race, adding a new community-focused dimension to Gran Turismo 5’s expanding online feature set.
FriendsGran Turismo 5 supports the Friend feature of Playstation Network. Once you add someone to our Friend list, you can share profile information, communicate with each other, and race with and against each other, allowing you to build and expand your circle of racing friends online.
CommunityGran Turismo 5’s online features don't stop at just playing and racing online. Players can chat amongst friends before they drive, exchange opinions via in-game message boards, and send private messages to one another. This is social networking tailored for the world of Gran Turismo.

The Constant Risk of Crashing Adds To The Tension: Three Levels of Vehicle Damage

Spoiler: show

Gran Turismo takes another step closer to reality.

Gran Turismo 5 will feature realistic vehicle damage that lives up to its driving simulator name.

Not only do the looks of the car change when damaged, an advanced physics simulation helps faithfully recreate how damage is taken and its resulting effect. By doing so, Gran Turismo 5 successfully recreates real-life added tension and challenge that comes from driving on the edge. (*).

Damage in Gran Turismo 5 shows up in three different levels, with specific differences in damage between Premium cars and Standard cars.

Performance Damage

Performance damage affects how the car performs based on calculating the physical effects of collisions and damage on various parameters. It affects vehicle stability and control, depending on the amount of damage taken. This level of damage affects both premium and standard cars.

Dirt, Scratches, and Dents

This is damage that can be visually seen, and involves the vehicle collecting dirt, scratches and dents. This level of damage affects both premium and standard cars.

Dislodging and Deformation of Body Panels

This third level of damage causes body panels to come loose or to deform from their original shapes. This level of damage affects premium cars only.

Car Rollovers

In a real race a car may roll over under unexpected events such as during a violent crash, when bumps on the road are hit at very high speeds, or if a car’s orientation is not right during a jump. Just as in real races, in Gran Turismo 5 cars can roll over as well, adding a new level of excitement to the game.

20 Locations, Over 70 Variations: Beautiful Tracks Recreated in True-to-Life Detail

Spoiler: show

Gran Turismo 5 features 20 racing locations with over 70 track variations, all beautifully recreated with more accuracy and precision than ever.

For example, the north loop of the Nurburgring, which attracted much attention when it was first introduced in Gran Turismo 4, is now recreated more precisely and with more detail than ever before. On top of the minor ups and downs of the track elevations, course-side structures and graffiti on the track surface, which give Nurburgring its unique character, have all been recreated with near-perfect accuracy.

Of course other tracks in the game have also been built to the highest quality ever seen in the series. The following are descriptions on some of the new tracks to be featured in Gran Turismo 5.


Total length: 3400.0m
Longest straight: 820.0m
Range of elevation difference: 17.7m

A Street Course Circling the Old Historical City of Madrid

A street race course staged in the old city of Madrid, home to many famous historical structures. Starting with the longest road in Madrid, Alcalá Street, as the home straight, drive past Madrid’s city center, Puerta Del Sol, as well as the Lealtad Plaza and gates of Alcalá and many other famous tourist spots.


Total length: 3473.0m
Longest straight: 650.0
Range of elevation difference: 17.9m
Number of turns: 7

A High Speed Course Through the Remnants of Ancient Rome

This is a 3.5km high-speed street course encircling the Foro Romano, a structure from the days of ancient Rome which is now a famous tourist attraction. From the world-famous Coliseum towering over the first corner of the course, you’ll be racing past many historical structures spread all over this city.


Total length: 3410.7m
Longest straight: 420
Range of elevation difference: 37.3m

A Gravel Course Set In Historical Orcia Valley, Italy

This is a gravel track based on the Orcia Valley, the world heritage site located in the Tuscany region of central Italy. It is a technical track with a layout maximizing the hilly terrain to create dynamic ups and downs and mid to low speed corners.

The Top Gear Test Track

Total length: 2820.0m
Longest straight: 350.0m
Range of elevation difference: 3.5m

The Original Airfield Runway Track from the BBC TV Series TopGear

This is the 2.8km short track used in various parts of the UK’s Top Gear TV series. Set at the airfield of Dunsfold Park in Surrey, England, it has a characteristic figure 8 layout. Stay tuned to find out what sorts of wild events are planned in the game for this location.

A Massive Collection of Over 1000 Cars: Exquisitely Detailed, Premium Cars Are Stunningly Recreated Both Inside And Out.

Spoiler: show

Premium Models

Premium car models in GT5 are built from the ground up for the new game, thats HD models and interiors.

Premium cars are included in all editions of the game. Premium cars account for 200 out of the 1000 cars available in the game and come in all editions of the game.

Standard Models

These are models that are scaled up and "Re-Mastered" from the models in GT4, these contain no interiors, and less polygons used on the body work meaning the actual car wont look as smooth as the premium varients.

Standard models account for 800 cars out of the 1000 available in the game.

Intricate Details Raise The Bar For Racing Games Yet Again

The quality of the premium level cars is of course the intricate modeling of every tiny detail of not only the exterior, but the interior as well. No other game offers this level of ultra-high detail.
This level of detail extends from street cars to custom racing machines, where the unique instrument panels, colors and textures of the seats and interior materials, and more, have been painstakingly recreated.

Below are the comparison shots between the level of detail seen on premium cars (right) in Gran Turismo 5, and the actual photographs of the cars taken during data capturing sessions (left). See for yourself how close to reality Gran Turismo 5 has come.

In Gran Turismo 5, cars have fully-functioning headlights. Premium cars even feature both low and high beams for a variety of racing conditions.

The Editions

The Standard Edition: RRP: £49.99/$59.99

This is the base edition of Gran Turismo and like any other game will contain disc and instructions.

The Collectors Edition: RRP: $99.99

This Collectors edition includes:

# Gran Turismo® 5 game

# Exclusive limited edition 1:43 scale diecast 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V with custom Gran Turismo livery designed by Polyphony Digital, produced by well-known collectible car maker Kyosho

# In-depth 300-page car-lover’s guide written by the experts at Polyphony Digital, covering everything from the history of the modern automobile to driving techniques and game reference material

# Custom etched Gran Turismo key chain

# Voucher for five (5) exclusive high-end cars with custom Gran Turismo livery and performance upgrades

# Numbered certificate of authenticity

# Custom collector’s packaging

The Signtaure Edition: RRP: £149.99

Here's the list of stuff that comes inluded with this:

* Metal sculpted box finished in SLS AMG Obsidian Black
* Exclusive GT branded SLS AMG 1:43 model car
* GT leather wallet containing Signature Edition competition entry card
* Branded USB key with Polyphony/Mercedes-Benz trailer
* GT branded metal key fob
* Signature Edition coffee table book featuring the beautiful cars and locations of Gran Turismo 5
* 200 page Apex drivers magazine with hints on driving technique, car tuning, future technologies and more.

PlayStation3 Slim Console - Gran Tursimo Racing Pack (HDD 160GB Model) - 110V

Box contents
  • Gran Turismo 5 [First Print Limited Edition]
  • PlayStation3 Slim Console (HDD 160GB Titanium Blue Model)
  • PS3 Wireless Controller (Dual Shock 3)
  • AV Cable
  • USB Cable
  • AC Power Cord
  • Manual (Japanese)


Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

The Real Driving Simulator - Gran Turismo (1997)

Platform : PlayStation®

Release Date : Dec 22, 1997

Genre : Race / Car Life Simulation

Publisher/Developer : Sony Computer Entertainment / Polyphony Digital

Arcade Mode

With jumps and power slides

In-Depth Simulation Mode

Purchase new/used vehicles, as well as vehicle parts

Realistic Vehicle Physics

All cars replicate actual performance, handling, drive-train and real engine sounds Customization

All vehicles are totally customizable

11 Highly Detailed Tracks

Revolutionary 3D Graphics

There really was nothing like it, and it's difficult to imagine the gaming landscape had GT not hit when it did. Released in 1997, Gran Turismo followed Sony's award-winning 'double life' PlayStation marketing, waving life like visuals and a commercial licensed soundtrack in the collective faces of a 90's culture still pigeonholing videogames as hi-tech children's toys.

A symbol of gaming's growing mainstream acceptance, GT soon became the poster plaything for a new generation of teen and twenty-something lifestyle gamers. Where WipeOut and Ridge Racer piqued interest, GT did away with the fantasy and made driving games at once ultra accessible, and completely cool.

GT soon became the poster plaything for a new generation of teen and twenty-something lifestyle gamers.

Predicated on the type of tinker-happy, wideboy-pleasing authenticity found in Max Power magazine, Gran Turismo's 178 cars, 11 tracks and myriad modification options set a new standard.

The feeling of accomplishment at collecting a garage of world-beating beasts was similar to that in developing a character in today's MMORPGs. The seemingly mundane license tests, meanwhile, ingeniously drip-fed the intricacies of GT's handling mechanic, gleaning a new appreciation for the subtleties of each individual auto.

And controlling them was a masterstroke. Gran Turismo's release coincided with the launch of Sony's first Dual Shock Controller, giving gamers total mobility and a new appreciation for the bumps, twists and collisions of racing real-life cars.

That reality-check shows why GT endures. The goal may be to amass a garage of juggernaut autos, but you began in Gran Turismo with the kind of ride ran by many a fresh-faced 17 year-old boy racer. A GT career was a slow, believable rags-to-riches tale of hard gameplay graft, meticulous motor tuning, real racing skill and hours of watching replays and committing tracks to memory.

Revolutionary at the time, Gran Turismo remains today a how-to dossier for driving game design.

The Real Driving Sequel – Gran Turismo 2 (1999)

Platform : PlayStation®

Release Date : Dec 10, 1999

Genre : Race / Car Life Simulation

Publisher/Developer : Sony Computer Entertainment / Polyphony Digital

Key Selling Features
  • Over 500 authentic vehicles designed to exact specifications
  • All-new European super cars and old American muscle cars
  • All-new off road and drag racing modes
  • Over 20 detailed tracks to race with over 40 track combinations
  • All vehicles feature individually customized performance handling, drive train and real engine sounds
  • Over 60 different license tests
  • Arcade Racing mode with power slides, burnout's, jumps and excessive speeds
  • In-depth Simulation mode where money is earned to buy and sell vehicles and upgrade parts
  • All vehicles are totally customizable
  • Sophisticated replay function
  • 2-player racing
Inevitably, Gran Turismo's follow-up soon saw the light of day. Rushed to retail, it arrived shortly after Christmas, helping draw attention away from Sega's impending Dreamcast console. Due to this, GT2 was found to have some notable bugs, and despite receiving universal critical acclaim, didn't sell quite as well as its fantastic forebear.

Nonetheless, Gran Turismo 2 went on to be another huge smash-hit for Sony's market-conquering console. Offering a bigger, better, enhanced take on the template, Gran Turismo 2 was enormous by PSone standards, delivered on two discs and boasting over 600 fully licensed cars, a grand total of 49 tracks, and six license tests – of which the first three could be instantly bypassed by upgrading old GT1 save data.

Encapsulated the game's schizophrenic appeal and tailored its offering to GT's two core audiences.

Despite the short development time, the term 'fan service' comes to mind with Gran Turismo 2; in which Polyphony encapsulated the game's schizophrenic appeal and tailored its offering to GT's two core audiences.

The first disc of Gran Turismo 2 delivered arcade and multiplayer modes, replete with unlockable cars, aimed squarely at the casual gamer. The second gave hardcore car nuts a refined, fleshed-out Simulation mode, with cleaner menus and all-new off road rally racing amongst the biggest draws.

Where GT had polarised opinion, GT2 delivered far-reaching racing nirvana. With handling still spot-on and visuals pushing the PlayStation to its limit, Gran Turismo 2 is regarded as arguably the finest technical tour-de-force on Sony's original system.

The Third Place – Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (2001)

Platform : PlayStation®2

Release Date : Apr 27, 2001

Genre : Race / Car Life Simulation

Publisher/Developer : Sony Computer Entertainment / Polyphony Digital​

Key Features:
  • High-quality visuals blur the line between game and reality.
  • 4,000 polygons per vehicle captures exceptional detail, right down to the disc brakes behind the wheels.
  • Amazing special effects will drop jaws to the floor: impairing sunglare, shimmering heat waves, real-time reflections and much more!
  • Two modes of play: Arcade Mode, for those who love the thrill of speed, and Simulation Mode, for the hardcore gamer who longs for the complete racing experience.
  • Rally racing returns with a refined physics model challenging off-road driving skills.
  • Advanced opponent behavior and calculated physics turn mere car physics into "emotion" physics where players will sense other cars reacting to sneering passes and jarring cut-offs.
  • Each car was carefully designed according to the exact specifications of its real-life counterpart.
  • Analog controls and pressure sensitive buttons on the DUALSHOCK 2 analog controller ensures precision steering, braking, and acceleration.
  • Intense two-player racing. Plus, i.LINK compatibility allows up to six players to race simultaneously.
  • An amazing soundtrack featuring 20 bands including exclusive original songs and remixes.
  • Enhanced Replay Mode allows players to create their own dynamic replays.
Two steps back, three giant leaps forwards; Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec hit PS2 with less cars and tracks than its predecessor, but realised jaw-dropping visuals, a focus on the world's most exotic motors (hence the subtitle), and a few notable brand new features.

A-Spec's 185 car selection allowed Polyphony to present their most polished Gran Turismo yet. Gone were most of the everyday vehicles, meaning this GT lost some of its real-life feel – but it turned out to be a triumphant decision, delivering the freshness the franchise needed and with it branching out to offer new and exciting challenges.

In came a selection of speedy retro F1 cars. In came multi-hour endurance races. There was another reworking of the famous front-end, now categorised by country and manufacturer. Driver A.I. was criticised for hugging the racing line, however, meaning Arcade Mode's later stages were more of challenge than Gran Turismo mode itself. A lack of online play, meanwhile, was only partially made up for by a six-console system link option.

In all though, Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec was a sensational shift onto Sony's second hardware, and a must-have for the fledgling console that is second only to Grand Theft Auto 3 in the system's all-time best sellers list.

Bright Ideas – Gran Turismo Concept (2002)

Polyphony then turned the GT3 engine to making a racer based around concept cars. Following releases in Japan and South Korea than contained cars from the from the 2001 and 2002 Tokyo and Seoul Motor Shows, 2002's European release was the most complete version, adding a further 30 cars from the Geneva Motor Show and going on to sell a million units.

4-Play - Gran Turismo 4: Prologue (2004)

With Gran Turismo 4 failing to make its original Christmas 2003 release, GT4: Prologue was issued as a budget-price stop-gap taster for hardcore fans. Putting together 50 cars, five courses and including cut-down version of GT stalwarts like license tests, a Free Run mode and early renditions of GT4's courses, GT4 Prologue whetted appetites, but ended up being less representative of the final Gran Turismo 4 driving experience.

4 To the Floor - Gran Turismo 4 (2005)

Platform : PlayStation®2

Release Date : Dec 27, 2004

Genre : Racing

Publisher/Developer : Sony Computer Entertainment / Polyphony Digital

Key Features:

New physics engine adds a higher level of realism in car performance.

The game physics can now react within .03 seconds of its human counterpart.

More than 700 vehicles encompassing manufacturers from around the world ranging from vintage to modern models seen today.

Up to 100 international courses including rally, real-world city circuits, world-renowned racing tracks and more.

All vehicles are fully customizable from tire pressure, ride height to gear ratio.

Advanced opponent artificial intelligence allows for more human-like behavior.

Refined replay mode with broadcast-quality graphics.

Two race modes including:

Arcade Mode-- Players compete against each other or the artificial intelligence on select courses

Simulation-- Players start from the bottom and race to earn money, unlock cars and courses, buy and sell cars, upgrade parts while competing in various championships.

After an agonising year and a half wait, Gran Turismo 4 finally arrived and was instantly hailed as hands-down the most comprehensive title of its type.

Not even GT2 had been this big or well-polished. 50 tracks, including real-life circuits like the famous Nürburgring, and over 700 cars from 80 different manufacturers, made GT4 the most good-looking, well-balanced, finely-tuned, minutely detailed, compulsively authentic and accomplished driving simulation of them all.

In realism stakes, GT4 was a stellar success. Indeed, Sony even invited auto journos to try real life vs GT4; same track, same car. Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson commented that Gran Turismo 4.

As a racer, however, GT4 met with criticism. Polyphony's obsession with the minutiae of car technology granted Gran Turismo 4 a far less forgiving edge; this was less an exhilarating race experience, and more about tinkering for maximum track performance. With GT4 the divide became even more pronounced; car nuts adored it, but casual gamers were left a little alienated.

A more sophisticated arcade mode provided some relief, extending GT3's three speed variants to a whopping 21. But the real draw of GT4 was that the career could be played in two modes, with A-Spec your usual progression, and B-Spec letting players speed up races by three times (reducing endurance races to a manageable playtime) and step out of the car to give direction to an A.I. driver.

In effect, this meant the game played itself, players allowing the game to simply achieve wins on its own, earning them prize money for parts and cars with little of the original GT's invested grind.

Lacking the planned online mode (apart from in Asia, where an online test version was released), retaining computer A.I. that blindly followed the racing line, and boasting a novel but superficial Photo Mode, GT4 is considered the apex of videogame driving, yet fixed few of the franchise's existing problems, and felt to fans like an Nth-degree refinement of what had gone before instead of the revolution begun nearly nine years prior.

GT Goes Next-Gen - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Beyond


Release Date April 1, 2008

Number of players:1-2 (online: up to 16)

Genre: Racing

Rating: "E" for Everyone - Mild Suggestive Themes

Key Features:

Stunning Graphics --Race over 60 cars from worldwide automotive manufacturers, including Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Ford, and Nissan, precisely modeled both inside and out. Experience the race from right behind the wheel with the all-new interior dash view, featuring full driver animation and gauges that accurately reflect the car’s performance in real-time. Compete on 6 tracks with 12 total layouts, including Daytona International Speedway®, London City, and Suzuka Circuit. Every last detail is rendered in stunning 1080p at 60 frames per second with crisp, realistic lighting and camera effects (replays rendered in 1080p 30fps) for the most intense racing experience ever.

Robust Online Experience -- Racing with up to 16 players online means there’s always someone new to challenge. View detailed rankings online to see how your lap times stack up against the competition, and then race against the top drivers’ downloadable ghost cars or view their race replays to learn from the best.

Automotive Lifestyle -- Go behind the scenes and learn more about your favorite cars and manufacturers with Gran Turismo TV, a new in-game online channel featuring the best automotive and motorsport programming from around the world. Then catch up on the latest auto news from car manufacturers with streaming news updates, and check real-time weather conditions at top race tracks around the world.

Customization -- Tune your car performance to shave precious seconds off your lap times. Adjust each car’s suspension and tires for improved handling, and boost performance with gear ratio and engine modifications to harness every bit of horsepower under the hood.

Enhanced Features -- Experience ultra-realistic racing with brand-new driving physics and improved, smarter AI that reacts to your every move. Save your best races or download race replays of the top players to your hard drive and watch them with the enhanced Replay Mode.

Go Head-to-Head -- Compete head-to-head with a friend with the 2-player split-screen offline racing mode.

New AI and physics simulation made 16 car race possible.

Head Start on Gran Turismo 5 -- Get a jump on the competition. You can transfer your Gran Turismo 5 Prologue progress to Gran Turismo 5 when it releases.

Added Bonus -- Available exclusively on the Blu-Ray Disc version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is the HD video feature “Beyond The Apex,” a behind-the-scenes look at the Gran Turismo franchise and developer Polyphony Digital.

Take Control -- Fully compatible with the new DualShock 3 controller, as well as Logitech®'s Driving ForceTM, Driving ForceTM EX, Driving ForceTM Pro, and G25 Racing Wheel controllers.

Having whetted PS3 player appetites with the free-to-download Gran Turismo HD demo (20 vehicles, Time Trial and Drift Trial modes, one course also playable mirrored, and online leaderboards), Polyphony's first retail PS3 GT presents a succession of three's.

Three years; three home PlayStation consoles; and three promises of online play later, and we finally get Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, delivering long-awaited 16-player head-to-head races, as well as two-person split-screen play, to a console capable of eye-bulging HD visuals and more sophisticated driver intelligence.

A sizeable amount of content for a budget release, really giving gamers a flavour for the upcoming final version of Gran Turismo 5.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is a low-cost precursor to the first full next-gen GT. 71 cars are present, playable on six courses, with mirrored versions taking the total tracks to ten. A new high-detail in-cockpit view, Quick Tune facility and Dual Shock 3 compatibility make it more realistic than ever, boding well for a final version of GT5 that promises the Top Gear test track amongst its course quota.

Community events, online leaderboards, and the automotive program-providing GT TV channel give Gran Turismo 5 Prologue a sizeable amount of content for a budget release, really giving gamers a flavour for the upcoming final version of Gran Turismo 5.

One thing is an absolute certainty; With existing and prospective PS3 owners all eagerly awaiting a triple-A system-seller, fans demanding a sequel that exceeds GT's own high standards, and seemingly everyone expecting GT's next-gen debut to have a massive impact on mainstream lifestyle culture, Sony and Polyphony Digital are pulling out all the stops to ensure Gran Turismo 5 redefines the term 'The Real Driving.​

Online players confirmed.

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That signature edition looks outstanding and it has some really practical stuff to go with it too.


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The results of the GamesCom awards are in. Gran Turismo 5 seemed to do very well ineed, winning two awards: best of show and best console game.


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But the track editor, I'm pretty sure those could be shared as well. The amount of content in this game is mind numbing.

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The game looks absolutely fantastic can't wait for this. not that big of a racing game fan but this is just too good!


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The cars have so much more detail than the GT5 prologue. And I thought prologue was as good as it gets. This may just be the ultimate driving simulator, can't wait for it. Thanks for the screens.


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GT5 Gameplay Videos: Ferrari 330 P4 at Monza, Nurburgring

OP updated under spolier tag.

Stunning Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots (18 Megapixels)

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What a Racing Game should look like – GT5 Case Study

If you took a look at the recent batch of released Gran Turismo 5 screen shots, it would be hard to tell whether they were from a game or from a car brochure. The time has finally come when a racing game is actually pushing the graphical boundaries, highlighting the details we dreamt about for ages. Even though GT5 may not be 100% perfect, it certainly is a huge step ahead of any other game. Let’s take a look at some of the extreme detail put into the game.You can click any of the images for the full close up.

Looking the some of the city landscapes, they have been able to balance the lighting to compensate for proper shadowing in every area. For example, the wall under the roof overhang on the buildings is slightly darker, due to the roof covering it and thus blocking the sunlight.

On this Alfa, the reflections are simply stunning. There is none of the fuzzy, square and poorly meshed together reflections. Rather, we have a smooth and free flowing reflection along the entire body work. Also, the track ahead can be seen clearly in the back of the headlamps casing.

This Toyota Prius tail light has to be one of the most impressive on the list. Each segment in the tail light is clearly different. Rather than a simple textured images onto a flat polygon, each section is detailed with its own sets of ridges and matching reflections.

Reflections once again are clearly distinct on this SLS-AMG headlight. First off, the overall track and sky reflection is painted across the entire body, smoothly transitioning over the headlight cover and on to the next body panel. Going deeper now, the glass diffuser covering the main headlamp has its own reflective surface, clearly showing the tracks as well.

Even though the engine of this XJ13 may still look a bit sparse compared to the real thing, the parts included here are very detailed, with hoses bringing a lot of interest since other games do a poor job at rendering them. Also you can see the sticker on one of the electrical components to the top. It’s actually readable if you turn your head, or the image the right way.

Remember on those older cars how the headlight shades were ridged in various patterns to diffuse light? Here it is in its full glory, with the cover also reflecting light just over it.

Here is another example of headlight glass detail. This one is so brilliant, it even includes the branding seen on the real one.

The detailing on the interior is incredible. Here we see the various badges on the XJ13 showing the name, who built the body and some car registration info which is smudged a bit (like what happens after a while with most real life paper stickers).

Polyphony took the time to all take into account how the light is outputted from the headlamps. Rather than just putting a center of focus for the beam to shine out, the light is correctly reflected within the shell and there is no excess light from within its perimeter. You can see the source in the correct place, with the reflections varying depending on the shell itself and then the external front diffuser glass plate.

On this Lambo Miura, the rims take great shape down to the raging bull logo. The picture here was taken a city street full of neon lights, and you can see those blue and red neons reflecting on the top end of the rim.

Real or game? This the rear of the Lamborghini Murcielago. The innards of this case are distinct with the curved spaces and the 3 star brake lights.

What is nice about this Toyota Supra is how the light adjusts when the car turns. When I talk about adjustment, I mean the light within those indicator lights. On the left, less sun is hitting the bottom segment of the inside of the light, but more the external face causing it to look very shiny. However, the angle causes the light to enter and reflect of the bottom on the right side (from this perspective). Hence, more of the inside of the light is reflective rather than the external surface.

So the question now is…am I really paying just $60 for this game? With such attention taken into the smallest of details, you’d wonder how such a cheap price is justifiable. Even though fans have been a bit antsy about the long development time, I think it was surely worth it. Can we hope for other racing games to match up to this caliber? It will be some time in the making honestly.
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  • faraany3k faraany3k:
    Just when i though MS is done for the year, they dropped the biggest sleeper hit of the year, remnant 2
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    Wonder what they're announcing on TGA if this was a shadow drop :unsure:
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    Tho Remnant 1 has been an EGS freebie, Remnant 2 is a pretty good get.
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    oh shit, nice!
  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    GG MS
  • Chandoo Chandoo:
    Remnant 1 and 2 both just shadow dropped on game pass
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    le le le le
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  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    CerebralTiger said:
    FFVII Remake crushed CD Projekt's latest and "most ambitiooous" (not my words) work both on Metacritic and in the GOTY deliberations. Works for meeee, Witchaaa :LOL:🤜
    Alot of words for just saying Rebirth will get crushed by Witchaaaa 3 🤜 :ROFLMAO:
  • CerebralTiger CerebralTiger:
    Necrokiller said:
    So can we expect it score higher than Witchaaaa 3's 94 in 2023? I'll take your prediction now since the pre-order has been placed 🤜🤣
    FFVII Remake crushed CD Projekt's latest and "most ambitiooous" (not my words) work both on Metacritic and in the GOTY deliberations. Works for meeee, Witchaaa :LOL:🤜
  • CerebralTiger CerebralTiger:
    Meanwhile, Necrokiller looking to trade his outdated Steam Deck for the "game changing" version :ROFLMAO:
  • CerebralTiger CerebralTiger:
    iampasha's getting a ps5 slim confirmed :p
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    @iampasha ill do in a day or two INSHALLAH!
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    Anyone unboxed a ps5 slim yet on pg?
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    I was never asked 🤷‍♂️ 🤣
  • CerebralTiger CerebralTiger:
    We didn't get any prediction for Alan Wake 2 after the price error pre-order now did we 🤷‍♂️:LOL:
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    So can we expect it score higher than Witchaaaa 3's 94 in 2023? I'll take your prediction now since the pre-order has been placed 🤜 🤣
  • CerebralTiger CerebralTiger:
    At least there is no Witchaaa sense that paints everything that can be interacted with in red (or blue in Forbidden Lulz) :ROFLMAO:
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    Presence has been established. Whatta touch by the FVII team lmao
  • CerebralTiger CerebralTiger:
    I'll judge their presence in FFVII Rebirth after playing the game :LOL:🤜
  • CerebralTiger CerebralTiger:
    Forbidden Lulz and its technically impressive yet forgettable expansion are filled to the brim with these markers, as are GOW and Ragnarok :ROFLMAO:
  • Necrokiller Necrokiller:
    Remember when someone hated on Forbidden West for yellow traversal markers? Yikes yikes yikes 🤣
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  • faraany3k faraany3k:
    So when we are having Goty awards and how we will celebrate Zelda Domination.
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    faraany3k faraany3k: Just when i though MS is done for the year, they dropped the biggest sleeper hit of the year...