Want To Sell Samsung 870 EVO 250GB SSD Almost New Condition


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Nov 16, 2007
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Wanted to sell my personal Samsung 870 Evo 250GB SSD which is in 100% health and very less used. The SSD was bought from UAE and u can see its condition and benchmarks. Box along with its booklet also available. The SSD was used in a desktop PC as a boot drive and that too very less.
Benchmarks are carried out on a 3rd Generation corei5 desktop

I got it as i remember in July 2022 but used it rarely as I installed it in my desktop pc which is rarely used u can see in samsung magician screenshot that its on 477gb written out of rated 150terabyte written (TBW) rating of this SSD. That is almost 0.318% of its rated usage so its almost new.

Demand : Rs 8200/- fnf (u r getting almost new ssd more than 2k cheaper then market price and i hope u guys know its top level SSD

Contact: WhatsApp/ SMS/ Call on zero 3 3 3 three 4 1 4 seven 0 1

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