MULTI /Rumor - Battlefield 6 Will Be Set During World War 3


Jan 25, 2010
DICE's Battlefield series has been dormant for a couple of years now, but it is expected to make a massive comeback during the 2021 holiday season. Currently known as Battlefield 6, not much is known about the game in an official capacity, but a new rumor may reveal the game's setting. If the rumors are to be believed, Battlefield 6 will be set during World War 3.

This rumor stems from a Reddit post by user William_Fichtner, who does not provide any kind of evidence to back up their claims. Considering this, fans should take this information with a massive grain of salt, though this isn't the first time rumors have cropped up about Battlefield 6 having a modern-day setting. At any rate, the rumor claims that Battlefield 6 will feature the fictional World War 3, which will be a conflict between NATO forces and Russia.

Beyond the single player content, the leaker also touches on some of Battlefield 6's potential multiplayer modes as well. This includes standard Battlefield multiplayer modes like Breakthrough, Conquest, Domination, Grand Operations, and of course, Team Deathmatch. Battlefield 6 multiplayer is said to support 64 vs 64 player battles, which is line with other recent rumors about the upcoming FPS.
Source: GameRant
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