Palit RTX 3090 Game Pro (Local Warranty)

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Jun 22, 2008
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1. General Info
Brand: Palit
Model: RTX 3090 Game Pro
Game Code: NO, Used up.

2. Warranty
Local (Pakistan) Warranty: 1 Year from November 2020

3. What is Included

Everything that comes with the card

4. Link to Product

5. Price
Price New: 289,000
Your Price: 255,000 + Shipping (which will be on buyers' expense + risk)
My Location: Islamabad

6. The Obligatory Why am I selling?
I have a Asus 3090 Strix OC incoming

7. Contact
Text/ WhatsApp: 0321-5211325
Please do not call between 8am and 3pm and after 10pm. Can text/ whatsapp message anytime. Thank you

8. Images etc.

9. Disclaimer:
Please be aware that 3090 (and for that matter 3080) are very power limited. This card can be pushed to 365 Watts (+4%) using Afterburner and stock bios. If you want to push it you need to have a *good* 850 Watt PSU (Corsair, EVGA, High end Cooler Master units etc.). You can flash a KFA 390Watt bios as well. BUT Remember that you WILL need lots of power to not be power limited (1000 Watt+ PSU like Corsair, EVGA, Antec HCP series, High end Cooler Master etc). Needless to say you also need some very good cooling to prevent thermal throttling.

Thank you
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