pakistan tour help


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Jul 23, 2013
i have office leaves since 10 - 28 june
never really explored pakistan

been in karachi , hyderabad , had a kund malir trip and a few beaches ... but other then that thats is

so suggest me a tour , budgetted please , i am most likely gona travel solo so idk guide me guys please thanks

im in khi , or if some one is going in these days can i tag along ???

like konsa tour group pakrun bhai log kuch samaj nahe ara ?
i am pretty sure scams bi hote hogey ?

i dont want cheepar awam in the group , parhi likhi awam ho atleast .


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Aug 11, 2009
I am also planning to travel from 14-22 June and was thinking of posting a similar topic. However, due to my experience with a tour operator last year, I am quite reluctant to use a tour operator this time. If the people are not right (specially if there are drama queen women are unwilling to explore and their husband's are more then happy to stay in hotel rooms) then its useless to travel with this sort of bunch. It is also quite frustrating when the tour operator just has to show you the things in their menu and you are just rushing from one place to another and not taking out time to enjoy and explore which imo is not the point of travel. The tour operators just want to show the maximum amount of things so you can take pictures there - pretty useless imho. You spend more time in travelling then enjoying!

So, can anyone please also suggest me something. I plan to travel alone as well which might not be as fun but need a break :)


Nov 29, 2009
Let me know. I will guide you on the lowest budget. Am a call away to guide you :)
junaid bhai need some help i am planning to go to a trip with 2/3 friends karachi to islamabad then muree and give some ideas about good destinations to go and which option should we choose bus or train ? and which hotels to stay as we have never gone to northern areas so need some information .

thank you.
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