My Thoughts on [ Redragon M711 COBRA ] RGB Gaming Mouse


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Mar 6, 2011
Hello Pakgamers!
Im DrSargeX and I would like to introduce myself as , Gaming ,related tech and hardware Review has always been my passion for all my life with helping my fellow hardware enthusiastic with my experience esp posting Videos to my Youtube Channel and through other social media accounts of Facebook and Instagram

Redragon has been making budget gaming hardware that competes with top line gaming products in terms of quality and performance and its no exception that Redragon M711 Cobra gaming mouse delivers the same quality and performance in low price.

Well we are today going to unbox and review Redragon Cobra RGB gaming mouse that has excellent build quality, great performance like 100 to 10k max DPI settings with some serious RGB customization.


Mouse feels really comfortable in palm or claw grips for medium to large hands but due to its size it will be difficult to use in smaller hands, while weight of the mouse is again little bit higher as compared to modern gaming mice that is a personal preference.

Mouse looks like Redragon M808 Storm gaming mouse without honey comb pattern, but all other features including button layout and even bottom side is identical.


For this price range of 2850 Rupees, its a recommended gaming mouse for medium to large sized hands!

Watch Complete Video Review HERE:
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